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First observation of incomplete vertical circulation in Lake Biwa

Power-law thermal stratification in lake Geneva and its seasonal evolution

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Methane distribution patterns along a transect of Lake Fuxian, a deep oligotrophic lake in China

Phosphorus fractions in sediments and their relevance for historical lake eutrophication in the Ponte Tresa basin (Lake Lugano, Switzerland) since 1959.

SIMO v1.0: Simplified model of the vertical temperature profile in a small warm monomictic lake

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Quantifying the role of organic phosphorus mineralisation on phytoplankton communities in a warm-monomictic lake

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Mapping of spatial and temporal variation of water characteristics through satellite remote sensing in Lake Panguipulli, Chile.

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Comparative study of biochemical, histological and molecular biomarkers of heavy metal contamination in Cyprinus carpio collected from warm-monomictic lake and government culture pond.

Particle-Associated Microbial Community in a Subtropical Lake During Thermal Mixing and Phytoplankton Succession

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Monomictic Lake 單人湖

Monomictic Lake 單人湖
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