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Influence of the new formulation based on silver alginate microcapsules loaded with tannic acid on the microcirculation of the experimental periodontitis in rats.

Zein–sodium alginate based microcapsules for essence controlled releasing coating as leather finishes

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Self-healing epoxy coating based on tung oil-containing microcapsules for corrosion protection

Bioaccessibility and antioxidant activity of PCL-microencapsulated olive leaves polyphenols and its application in yogurt.

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Ionic liquid-loaded microcapsules doped into dental resin infiltrants

Microcapsule-Type Self-Healing Protective Coating That Can Maintain Its Healed State upon Crack Expansion

Using a reactive emulsifier to construct simple and convenient nanocapsules loaded with lambda-cyhalothrin to achieve efficient foliar delivery and insecticidal synergies.

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Constructing of pH and reduction dual-responsive folic acid-modified hyaluronic acid-based microcapsules for dual-targeted drug delivery via sonochemical method

Legume proteins are smart carriers to encapsulate hydrophilic and hydrophobic bioactive compounds and probiotic bacteria: A review.

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Nanoparticle-loaded microcapsules providing effective UV protection for Cry1Ac.

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Microparticles loaded with propolis to make antibacterial cotton

The Influence of bFGF on the Fabrication of Microencapsulated Cartilage Cells under Different Shaking Modes

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Near infrared light responsive self-healing superhydrophobic coating based on solid wastes.

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Polypyrrole microcapsules loaded with gold nanoparticles: Perspectives for biomedical imaging

Microencapsulation of Elsholtzia ciliata Herb Ethanolic Extract by Spray-Drying: Impact of Resistant-Maltodextrin Complemented with Sodium Caseinate, Skim Milk, and Beta-Cyclodextrin on the Quality of Spray-Dried Powders

Polymer–silica hybrid self-healing nano/microcapsules with enhanced thermal and mechanical stability

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Tunable and Selective Degradation of Amine-Reactive Multilayers in Acidic Media.

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Ultrasound-assisted microencapsulation of jackfruit extract in eco-friendly powder particles: characterization and antiproliferative activity

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Selection and study of alkoxysilanes as loading in submicrocapsules for self-lubricating coatings

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Effects of MoS2 microencapsulation on the tribological properties of a composite material in a water-lubricated condition

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Tribological behavior of polymer composites functionalized with various microcapsule core materials

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