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Characterization of the interactive effects of labile and recalcitrant organic matter on microbial growth and metabolism

Characterization of the Interactive Effects of Labile and Recalcitrant Organic Matter on Microbial Growth and Metabolism

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Ethical champions, emotions, framing, and team ethical decision making.

A social rank approach to disordered eating: Exploring relationships between shame, fears of compassion, striving, and body shame.

HSV-1 and Endogenous Retroviruses as Risk Factors in Demyelination

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Influence of enhanced nutrition and psychosocial stimulation in early childhood on cognitive functioning and psychological well-being in Guatemalan adults

The Influence of Emotional Labor on Job Involvement in Taiwan’s Convenience Store: Compare the Effects of Moderating Role Among PJ Fit, PO Fit, PS Fit, and PG Fit

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Does a lower self-concept contribute to mental health disparities of diverse immigrant youth from middle childhood to late adolescence?

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The effects of visualization on judgment and decision-making: a systematic literature review

Redox-Dependent Effects in the Physiopathological Role of Bile Acids

Sound and Safe: The Role of Leader Motivating Language and Follower Self-Leadership in Feelings of Psychological Safety

Anger Rumination and Mindfulness: Mediating Effects on Forgiveness

The Performance Implication of Corporate Social Responsibility: The Moderating Role of Employee’s Prosocial Motivation

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Large lake sluice operations during an extreme rainfall season greatly affect circulation and water quality dynamics of a shallow eutrophic lake.

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Examining the link between religiousness and fitness in a behavioural ecological framework.

The relationship between perceived stress and problematic social networking site use among Chinese college students

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Teachers’ professional development in Nanoscience and nanotechnology in the context of a Community of Learners

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Methods for analytic intercategorical intersectionality in quantitative research: Discrimination as a mediator of health inequalities.

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Effects of corporate social responsibility activities for refugees: The case of Austrian Federal Railways

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How nostalgic brand positioning shapes brand equity: differences between emerging and developed markets

Does It Take a School? Revisiting the Influence of First Arrest on Subsequent Delinquency and Educational Attainment in a Tolerant Educational Background

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The influence of media multitasking on advertising effectiveness

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An Investigation of Nonbeneficiary Reactions to Discretionary Preferential Treatments

Using Fuzzy Cognitive Mapping to Collate Expert Knowledge: Diverse impacts of renewable energy on biodiversity and the UN Sustainable Development Goals

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Mindfulness and Symptoms of Depression and Anxiety: the Underlying Roles of Awareness, Acceptance, Impulse Control, and Emotion Regulation

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Charting How Wealth Shapes Educational Pathways from Childhood to Early Adulthood: A Developmental Process Model

A three-wave time-lagged study of mediation between positive feedback and organizational citizenship behavior: the role of organization-based self-esteem

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