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Mechanically-created gaps promote flowering and seed set of rare Penstemon personatus: Disentangling canopy opening from ground disturbance

Effects of mechanical thinning on botrytis bunch rot on Sauvignon blanc wine grapes

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Managing Crop Load in European Pear (Pyrus communis L.)—A Review

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Plant community response to thinning and repeated fire in Sierra Nevada mixed-conifer forest understories

Post-Harvest Management Practices Impact on Light Penetration and Kernza Intermediate Wheatgrass Yield Components

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Observation of Ferroelastic and Ferroelectric Domains in AgNbO3 Single Crystal

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Natural regeneration responses to thinning and burning treatments in ponderosa pine forests and implications for restoration

Invited Feature: Climate change and western wildfires.

Contact resistance optimization for development of thermoelectric modules based on bismuth telluride nanowires

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First-entry wildfires can create opening and tree clump patterns characteristic of resilient forests

Fire Exclusion Destroys Habitats for At-Risk Species in a British Columbia Protected Area

Mechanical flower thinning in peach trees

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Aligning endangered species management with fire-dependent ecosystem restoration: manager perspectives on red-cockaded woodpecker and longleaf pine management actions

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An Effects Assessment Framework for Dry Forest Conservation

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Effect of thinning and burning fuel reduction treatments on forest carbon and bushfire fuel hazard in Eucalyptus sieberi forests of South-Eastern Australia.

Laboratory Device to Assess the Effect of Mechanical Thinning of Flower Buds, Flowers and Fruitlets Related to Fruitlet Developing Stage

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Thinking about Fuel Management: The Potential of Integrative Complexity Theory to Inform Design of Communication about Fuel Management Used To Reduce Wildfire Risk

Forest recovery following extreme drought in California, USA: natural patterns and effects of pre-drought management.

Semi-Minimal Pruned Hedge: A Potential Climate Change Adaptation Strategy in Viticulture

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