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Comparison of the structural and physical properties of nitrocellulose plasticized by N-butyl-N-(2-nitroxy-ethyl) nitramine and nitroglycerin: Computational simulation and experimental studies.

TEM analysis and mechanical strengthening mechanism of MnO2 sintering aid in selective laser sintered porous mullites

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Optimizing tribological, tensile & in-vitro biofunctional properties of UHMWPE based nanocomposites with simultaneous incorporation of graphene nanoplatelets (GNP) & hydroxyapatite (HAp) via a facile approach for biomedical applications

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Si/Ti3SiC2 composite anode with enhanced elastic modulus and high electronic conductivity for lithium-ion batteries

Influence of Discrete Electromechanical Hardening on the Wear Resistance of Steels

Correlation Between Heat-Treated Microstructure and Mechanical and Fretting Wear Behavior of Electron Beam Freeform-Fabricated Ti6Al4V Alloy

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Self-Healable, Recyclable, and Strengthened EpoxidizedNatural Rubber/Carboxymethyl Chitosan Biobased Composites with HydrogenBonding Supramolecular Hybrid Networks

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The early Palaeogene transition from thin-skinned to thick-skinned shortening in the Potosí uplift, Sierra Madre Oriental, northeastern Mexico

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Temperature dependence of thermodynamic stability and mechanical property of alloying Co3Ta compounds

A branched cellulose-reinforced composite polymer electrolyte with upgraded ionic conductivity for anode stabilized solid-state Li metal batteries

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Development of bronze processed Nb3Sn wires using various Cu-Sn-In ternary alloy matrices

High hardness and wear resistance of W-Cu composites achieved by elemental dissolution and interpenetrating nanostructure.

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Tribological behavior of WC-Co HVAF-sprayed composite coatings modified by nano-sized TiC addition

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