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Riemannian geometry of functional connectivity matrices for multi-site attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder data harmonization

The cingulo-opercular network controls stimulus-response transformations with increasing efficiency over the course of learning

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Effect of Type of Carbon Matrix on Tribological Properties of C C Aircraft Brake Discs

Controllable construction of interconnected SnOx/N-doped carbon/carbon composite for enhanced-performance lithium-ion batteries anodes

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Ito^-Taylor-based square-root unscented Kalman filtering methods for state estimation in nonlinear continuous-discrete stochastic systems

Residual least-squares collocation: use of covariance matrices from high-resolution global geopotential models

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Detecting adaptive introgression in human evolution using convolutional neural networks

Abstract LB019: Trisicell: Scalable Tumor Phylogeny Reconstruction and Validation Reveals Developmental Origin and Therapeutic Impact of Intratumoral Heterogeneity

Matrices based on lineal and star fumarate-metha/acrylate copolymers for bone tissue engineering: Characterization and biocompatibility studies.

Extracellular Matrix-Based Strategies for Immunomodulatory Biomaterials Engineering.

Recombinant spider silk protein matrices facilitate multi-analysis of calcium-signaling in neural stem cell-derived AMPA-responsive neurons

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Information transmission analysis of the effects of synthetic stop consonant duration modification on speech perception

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