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A Mars Environment Chamber Coupled with Multiple In Situ Spectral Sensors for Mars Exploration

Polarization- and Electrode-Optimized Polyvinylidene Fluoride Films for Harsh Environmental Piezoelectric Nanogenerator Applications.

Reactive Oxygen Species in Emulated Martian Conditions and Their Effect on the Viability of the Unicellular Alga Scenedesmus dimorphus.

Measuring Electrical Conductivity to Study the Formation of Brines Under Martian Conditions.

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Polarization signatures of Mars dust and clouds: Prospects for future spacecraft observations

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Data-driven CFD scaling of bioinspired Mars flight vehicles for hover

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Design, Development, and Characterization of a Low Frequency CMUT-Based Anemometer

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Porous domes as wind noise filters for infrasound sensing on Mars

The Photochemistry on Space Station (PSS) Experiment: Organic Matter under Mars-like Surface UV Radiation Conditions in Low Earth Orbit.

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Viable metabolisms in a simulated martian chemical environment

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Desert cyanobacteria under space and planetary simulations: a tool for searching for life beyond Earth and supporting human space exploration

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