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Dimensional changes and thermal conductivity by annealing and its relation to the defect concentration and stored energy release of neutron-irradiated graphite

Investigation of kinetic recovery process in low dose neutron-irradiated nuclear graphite by thermal annealing

Dynamic Radiation Effects Induced by Short-Pulsed GeV U-Ion Beams in Graphite and h-BN Targets

Super-Resolution Ultrasound Lamb Wave NDE Imaging of Anisotropic Airplane Laminates via Deconvolutional Neural Network

Design and Analysis of High Heat Flux Plasma-Facing Components for NSTX Upgrade

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Tritium behavior in isotropic graphite at room temperature

Material model for stress analysis of nuclear graphite component subject to irradiation

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Self-sintered nanopore-isotropic graphite derived from green pitch coke for application in molten salt nuclear reactor

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Measurement of 3D thermal diffusivity distribution with lock-in thermography and application for high thermal conductivity CFRPs

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Temperature distribution in the zone of graphite destruction by a nitrogen plasma jet

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The Structural Studies of Phase Transitions in the Graphite Intercalation Compounds with Iodine Chloride and Bromine

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