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Compact or disperse? Evolution patterns and coupling of urban land expansion and population distribution evolution of major cities in China, 1998–2018

The integration of video games in family-life dynamics

Digital Traces Can Validate the Role of Consumer Perceptions in Instagram Influencer Marketing

Internalizing Cooperative Norms in Group-Structured Populations

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Best Practices for Motivating and Supporting Learning for Adult and Non-Traditional Learners

Economic and Public-value creation in responsible and sustainable supply chains: a game-theoretic analysis

Mining Consumer Minds: Downstream Consequences of Host Motivations for Home-Sharing Platforms

Parental Education and Good Child Habits to Encourage Sustainable Littering Behavior

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Saying no to Facebook: Uncovering motivations to resist or reject social media platforms

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Rapid antigen testing for SARS-CoV-2 infection in a university setting in Ireland: learning from a 6-week pilot study.

Project MIMIC (Maximizing Implementation of Motivational Incentives in Clinics): A cluster-randomized type 3 hybrid effectiveness-implementation trial

Leveraging enterprise social network technology: understanding the roles of compatibility and intrinsic motivation

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Smartphone-Based Virtual Reality as an Immersive Tool for Teaching Marketing Concepts

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Crowding in or crowding out? How non-governmental organizations and media influence intrinsic motivations toward corporate social and environmental responsibility

Lightscapes of fear: How mesopredators balance starvation and predation in the open ocean

Exploring the Participation Motivations of Ongoing and Former Citizen Scientists in the Taiwan Roadkill Observation Network

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Moving beyond the initial colonoscopy: a call for action

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Behavioral Interventions as Policy Instruments to Manage Household Water Use

The power of social learning: How do observational and word-of-mouth learning influence online consumer decision processes?

What Are University Professors’ Motivations? A Realistic Approach to Self-Perception of a Group of Spanish University Professors Belonging to the G-9 Group of Universities

The Relationship between Intrinsic Motivations and Commitment of Consumers in Brand Communities of Entertainment Media

Need for Cognition Among Users of Self-Monitoring Systems for Physical Activity: Survey Study.

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REAL 2021 – Robot open-Ended Autonomous Learning: A Competition and Benchmark

Recognizing the Needs of Others: Municipal Candidates’ Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivations to Support Immigrants and Religious Minorities

Activating the intrinsic motivations of beneficiaries for longer lasting conservation and development projects

Running on a social exercise platform: Applying self-determination theory to increase motivation to participate in a sporting event

Identifying Patterns of Turnover Intention Among Alabama Frontline Nurses in Hospital Settings During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Exploring the Role of Motivation in English Language Teaching: Learners and Teachers Perspective

Incentives for corporate social responsibility in India: Mandate, peer pressure and crowding-out effects

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A Quem Você é Leal? Motivações para o whistleblowing

Exploring the role of intrinsic motivation in ISSP compliance: enterprise digital rights management system case

Beyond a Market Discourse: Is Framing a Solution to Avoid Motivational Crowding-Out in Payments for Ecosystem Services?

Why Do People Support Online Crowdfunding Charities? A Case Study From China

The Mediating Role of Motivation Between Brand Citizenship Behavior and Employee Performance: A Study of Supervisors Perception

Teenage Party Goers’ Motivation for Clubbing in Batam 2018

Does death make us all equal? Materialism and status-seeking under Mortality Salience

Monetary and Social Rewards for Crowdsourcing

Meaningful and Complex Work: An Exercise to Help Students Understand Intrinsic Motivation

Deployment Strategies for Service Innovation

Transformational leadership for public service motivation

Motivators and challenges to research recruitment - A qualitative study with midwives.

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Payments for environmental services and motivation crowding: Towards a conceptual framework

Muslim Minority in Yogyakarta: Between Social Relationship and Religious Motivation

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The Influence of Offline and Online Intrinsic Motivations on Online Health Information Seeking

Challenges and opportunities to improve fracture liaison service attendance: fracture registration and patient characteristics and motivations

Internalizing cooperative norms in group-structured populations


Motivations for the use of sustainable intensification practices among smallholder farmers in Tanzania and Malawi

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Revisiting the returns to education during rapid structural and rural transformation in Thailand: A regression discontinuity approach

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The effects of Clean Water Act enforcement on environmental employment

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Understanding mobile health service use: An investigation of routine and emergency use intentions

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How Long A Motivation May Last

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I’m going to be a teacher! exploring motives for teaching of a sample of Italian pre-primary and primary teacher candidates

Investigating the Academic Motivations and Academic Achievements of Pre-Service Visual Arts Teachers

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MPs’ principals and the substantive representation of disadvantaged immigrant groups

A conceptual model of information security compliant behaviour based on the self-determination theory

How Is Motivation Generated in Collaborative Consumption: Mediation Effect in Extrinsic and Intrinsic Motivation

Physical Activity in Natural Environments Is Associated With Motivational Climate and the Prevention of Harmful Habits: Structural Equation Analysis

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Understanding connection with nature at an Amazonian deforestation frontier

Assessing the relevance of relational values to explore human well-being in forest-frontier contexts: lessons from northeast Madagascar

Information-Sharing Behavior on WeChat Moments: The Role of Anonymity, Familiarity, and Intrinsic Motivation

Measuring Rank-Based Utility in Contests: The Effect of Disclosure Schemes

Can Apps Make Air Pollution Visible? User Engagement with Air Quality Information

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Creating a Breeding Ground for Compliance and Honest Reporting Under the Landing Obligation: Insights from Behavioural Science

School motivation, goal orientation and academic performance in secondary education students

Maximizing Rewards, Minimizing Clothes: Examining Consumers’ Motivations for Building a #capsulewardrobe

Rethinking Teacher Retention in Hard-to-Staff Schools

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Fatores motivacionais e modificações na vida dos mestrandos em contabilidade: os dois lados de uma mesma história

Impact of Contextual Factors on Snapchat Public Sharing


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