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Film club as a tool for developing the culture of experience among parents

A Virtual Confucius Chatbot

Introduction: the Value of Children and Social Transformations in Asia

A Dyadic Analysis of Grandparent and Adult Grandchildren Solidarity and Topic Avoidance

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„Linie ucieczki ciągnie się za sobą przez całe życie”

Grandparent Affection and Emotional Well-being of Adolescents with Different Family Types

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Reconfiguring Intergenerational Reciprocity

Phenomenology of the trickster archetype, U.S. electoral politics and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Gestational weight gain and childhood body mass index across three generations: Results from the 1993 Pelotas (Brazil) Birth Cohort

Does Filial Piety Still Matter? A Filiality-based Perspective on Intergenerational Solidarity and Cooperation

The Janus face of austerity politics

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Ageism against older adults in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic: an integrative review

Age Relations and Cultural Change in Eighteenth-Century England

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Satisfaction of Division of Household Labour in China

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Talking About (My) Generation

What Are the Success Factors of Multilingual Families? Relationships Between Linguistic Attitudes and Community Dynamics

Telling Reproductive Stories: Social Scripts, Relationality and Donor Conception

Gender Imbalance, Marriage Squeeze and Multiple Biological Clocks: Exploring the Challenges to Intergenerational Contract in North India

Gendered social practices in reproductive health: A qualitative study exploring lived experiences of unwed single mothers in China.

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Профилактика причин межпоколенческих конфликтов в семьях

Women Empowering Wellness: An Intergenerational Faith-Based Wellness Program Profile

Fantasy Fictions from the Bengal Renaissance. Abanindranath Tagore: The Make-Believe Prince; Gaganendranath Tagore: Toddy-Cat the Bold by Sanjay Sircar (review)

Toward a Culturally Robust Measure to Assess Marital Relationships

Family Research and Demographic Analysis (FReDA): Evolution, Framework, Objectives, and Design of “The German Family-Demographic Panel Study”

A Pilot Study Investigating the Role of Gender in the Intergenerational Relationships between Gene Expression, Chronic Pain, and Adverse Childhood Experiences in a Clinical Sample of Youth with Chronic Pain

Intergenerational Conflict or Solidarity in Hong Kong? A Survey of Public Attitudes toward Social Spending

Older adults in the first wave of the Corona pandemic

Growing Old in a Transnational Setting: Investigating Perceptions of Ageing and Changing Filial Ties Among Older Indians in Saskatoon

“Where Your Voice Burns Like Fire”: Visual art and radio broadcasting as semiotic practices of intergenerational political socialization among the Purépecha of Cherán, México

Prodigal Children: Why Older Mothers Favor Their Once-Deviant Adult Children.

Multigenerational Social Mobility: A Demographic Approach

“Carving a future out of the past and the present”: Rethinking aging futures

The Relationship Between Coresidence with Grandparents and Academic Performance of 15-Year-Old Students from Two-Parent and One-Parent Families

“It’s a Balance on a Knife-Edge”: Expectations of Parents and Adult Children

Sourozenectví ve stáří – vztahy „na okraji“?

Professionals’ views on children’s service user involvement

The Intergenerational Impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences on Hispanic Families: The Mediational Roles of Parental Depression and Parent-Adolescent Communication.

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