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Family Background, Neighborhoods and Intergenerational Mobility

Family Background, Neighborhoods and Intergenerational Mobility

Share the love: Parental bias, women empowerment and intergenerational mobility

The Socioeconomic Attainments of Second-Generation Southeast Asian Americans in the 21st Century: Evidence from the American Community Survey, 2012–2016

It’s Who You Know That Matters: Identifying Which Type of Informal Mentor Is Most Likely to Promote Economic Mobility for Vulnerable Youth

Descriptive Modelling of Intergenerational Persistence in Education and the Influence of Family Lineage Descent Systems in The Democratic Republic of Congo

Intergenerational health mobility: Magnitudes and Importance of Schools and Place.

Intergenerational Transmission of Lockdown Consequences: Prognosis of the Longer-Run Persistence of COVID-19 in Latin America

Parental assortative mating and the intergenerational transmission of human capital

Intergenerational transmission of lockdown consequences: prognosis of the longer-run persistence of COVID-19 in Latin America

Intergenerational Upward (Im)mobility and Political Support of Public Education Spending

Infant Health Care and Long-Term Outcomes

Intergenerational Mobility in Education:

Intergenerational income persistence

Stratification in Israel : Class, Ethnicity, and Gender

Effects of life history and reproduction on recruitment time lags in reintroductions of rare plants.


Trends in Intergenerational Educational Mobility in Canada

On the Intergenerational Transmission of Economic Status

The Intergenerational Effects of Parental Incarceration

Intergenerational Earnings Mobility and Returns to Education in Hong Kong: A Developed Society with High Economic Inequality

Replication data for: Family Ruptures, Stress, and the Mental Health of the Next Generation

Pre- and Post-Birth Components of Intergenerational Persistence in Health and Longevity: Lessons from a Large Sample of Adoptees

Inequality of opportunity and gender discrimination in China’s labour income

Americans overestimate the intergenerational persistence in income ranks

Linked Lives, Linked Trajectories: Intergenerational Association of Intragenerational Income Mobility

Sibling Similarity in Income: A Life Course Perspective

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