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A Research on the Identity Difference of CEO Successors and Innovation Input in Family Firms: Based on the Perspective of Legitimacy

Emerging role of a novel small non-coding regulatory RNA: tRNA-derived small RNA

Heredity determined by the environment: Lamarckian ideas in modern molecular biology.

Intergenerational inheritance of high fat diet-induced cardiac lipotoxicity in Drosophila

Transgenerational inheritance of cold temperature response in Drosophila

Is Intergenerational Inheritance of Family Business Promoting Innovation or Hindering Innovation? —Debate and Integration

Maternal Priming of Offspring Immune System in Drosophila

Intergenerational Transmission of Child Abuse and Neglect: A Transdisciplinary Analysis

Research on Innovation Behavior and Performance of New Generation Entrepreneur Based on Grounded Theory

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Intergenerational Inheritance