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Intergenerational effects of witnessing domestic violence: Health of the witnesses and their children

Marriage Age, Social Status, and Intergenerational Effects in Uganda

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Intergenerational effects of a paternal Western diet during adolescence on offspring gut microbiota, stress reactivity and social behavior

Social work practice with war-affected children and families: the importance of family, culture, arts, and participatory approaches

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Cross-Cultural Associations of Four Parenting Behaviors With Child Flourishing: Examining Cultural Specificity and Commonality in Cultural Normativeness and Intergenerational Transmission Processes.

Intergenerational adaptations to stress are evolutionarily conserved, stress-specific, and have deleterious trade-offs

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Redistributive Consequences of Abolishing Uniform Contribution Policies in Pension Funds

Inégalité intergénérationnelle et recyclage d’une taxe carbone

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Intergenerational effects of early adversity on survival in wild baboons

Intergenerational effects of early adversity on survival in wild baboons

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Expression Patterns of Analgesic Metabolising Machinery in 1st and 2nd Trimester Human Fetal Liver and Gonads

Salivary cytokine cluster moderates the association between caregivers perceived stress and emotional functioning in youth

Defining and Intervening on Cumulative Environmental Neurodevelopmental Risks: Introducing a Complex Systems Approach

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Multigenerational effects of a complex urban contaminant mixture on the behavior of larval and adult fish in multiple fitness contexts.

Intergenerational Effects of Early Life Starvation on Life-History, Consumption, and Transcriptome of a Holometabolous Insect

Association of grandmaternal smoking during pregnancy with DNA methylation of grandchildren: the Isle of Wight study.

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Psychological Legacies of Intergenerational Trauma under South African Apartheid: Prenatal Stress Predicts Increased Psychiatric Morbidity during Late Adolescence in Soweto, South Africa

Spatiotemporal Small Non-coding RNAs Expressed in the Germline as an Early Biomarker of Testicular Toxicity and Transgenerational Effects Caused by Prenatal Exposure to Nanosized Particles

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Resurgence of COVID-19 in Manaus, Brazil, despite high seroprevalence

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Social interventions, health and wellbeing: The long-term and intergenerational effects of a school construction program

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Social Background and Becoming a Parent in Sweden

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Parental exposure to sulfamethazine and nanoplastics alters the gut microbial communities in the offspring of marine madaka (Oryzias melastigma).

The impact of parental trauma, parenting difficulty, and planned family separation on the behavioral health of West African immigrant children in New York City.

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Evolving two-generation services to disrupt the intergenerational effects of poverty and promote family well-being

Neurobehavioral alternations of the female offspring born to polycystic ovary syndrome model rats administered by Chinese herbal medicine

Maternal and paternal sugar consumption interact to modify offspring life history and physiology

‘A constant reminder of what we had to forfeit’

Long-term effects of malnutrition on early-life famine survivors and their offspring: New evidence from the Great Vietnam Famine 1944-45.

Germ Cell Drivers: Transmission of Preconception Stress Across Generations

Intergenerational effects of violence on women’s perinatal wellbeing and infant health outcomes: evidence from a birth cohort study in Central Vietnam

The impacts of maternal childhood adversity, stress, and mental health on child development at 6 months in Taiwan: A follow-up study

Associations Between Emotion Dysregulation Dimensions and Parenting Behaviors in Trauma-Exposed African American Mothers.

Intergenerational cycle of disease: Maternal mastitis is associated with poorer daughter performance in dairy cattle.

Developmental conditions have intergenerational effects on corticosterone levels in a passerine

Prenatal stress leads to deficits in brain development, mood related behaviors and gut microbiota in offspring

“There is people like us and there is people like them, and we are not like them.” Understating social exclusion – a qualitative study

Hatching date influences winter habitat occupancy: Examining seasonal interactions across the full annual cycle in a migratory songbird

Nicotinamide Supplementation Improves Oocyte Quality and Offspring Development by Modulating Mitochondrial Function in an Aged Caenorhabditis elegans Model

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Pregnancy swimming prevents early brain mitochondrial dysfunction and causes sex-related long-term neuroprotection following neonatal hypoxia-ischemia in rats

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Effects of Morphine and Maternal Care on Behaviors and Protein Expression of Male Offspring

1179Intergenerational Effects of Violence on Women’s Perinatal Wellbeing and Infant Health Outcomes in Vietnam

Are the Effects of DES Over? A Tragic Lesson from the Past

Social Interventions, Health and Wellbeing: The Long-Term and Intergenerational Effects of a School Construction Program

The Intergenerational Aftermath of War Captivity: The Israeli Experience


Gestational diabetes promotes germ cell cCyst breakdown and primordial follicle formation in newborn mice via the AKT signaling pathway

Insecure Right from the Start? Socialization Effects of Parental Self-Perceived Job Insecurity

Food-seeking behavior has complex evolutionary pressures in songbirds: Linking parental foraging to offspring sexual selection.

The central concept of empowerment in Indigenous health and wellbeing.

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Eating Disordered Mothers and Their Children: Intergenerational Effects

Molecular and Behavioral Effects of Infant Maltreatment across Generations in Rhesus Monkeys

Early adversity and the regulation of gene expression: implications for prenatal health

Violent Boyhoods, Masculine Honor Ideology, and Political Violence: Survey Findings From Thailand.

Effects of Maternal Work Incentives on Adolescent Social Behaviors

The Reproduction of Social Disadvantage Through Educational Demobilization: A Critical Analysis of Parental Incarceration

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Shedding light on maternal education and child health in developing countries

Paternal nicotine exposure in rats produces long-lasting neurobehavioral effects in the offspring.

Intergenerational Effects of Stunting on Human Capital: Where Does the Compass Point?

The intergenerational transmission of education. Evidence from the World War II cohorts in Europe

Intergenerational fitness effects of the early life environment in a wild rodent.

The Intergenerational Effects of Language Proficiency on Child Health Outcomes

Use of C. elegans Diapause to Study Transgenerational Responses to Pathogen Infection.

The evolution of early-life effects on social behaviour—why should social adversity carry over to the future?

Sir2 is essential for intergenerational effects of parental diet on offspring metabolism in Drosophila

Hunting white elephants on the road. A practical procedure to detect harmful projects of transport infrastructure

Assessing the foundational studies on adverse childhood experiences

The Heterogeneous Effects of Parental Unemployment on Siblings’ Educational Outcomes

Impaired cocaine‐induced behavioral plasticity in the male offspring of cocaine‐experienced sires

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Parenting concepts and experiences of adults abandoned as infants

Maternal polystyrene microplastic exposure during gestation and lactation altered metabolic homeostasis in the dams and their F1 and F2 offspring.

Cultural connectedness protects mental health against the effect of historical trauma among Anishinabe young adults.

Intergenerational effects on mouse sperm quality after in utero exposure to acetaminophen and ibuprofen

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The intergenerational effects of parental higher education: Evidence from changes in university accessibility

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