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Intergenerational educational mobility in Bangladesh

Descriptive Modelling of Intergenerational Persistence in Education and the Influence of Family Lineage Descent Systems in The Democratic Republic of Congo

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Predictors of Quality of Life in Different Age Groups Across Adulthood

Impacts on older people contributing to an intergenerational course about aging

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The long shadow of a large scale education interruption: The intergenerational effect

Continuing Social Constraints in Education Agency: The School Choices and Experiences of Middle- Class African American Families in Albany, NY

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nIntergenerational Educational Mobility and Type 2 Diabetes in the Sacramento Area Latino Study of Aging.

Intergenerational Transmission of Educational Attainment: How Important Are Children’s Personality Characteristics?

Trends in intergenerational educational mobility in Israel: 1983–2008

Integration of Palestinian Refugee Children from Syria in UNRWA Schools in Lebanon

Paura e conflitto intergenerazionale durante e dopo la pandemia

Does Where You Live Matter? An Analysis of Intergenerational Transmission of Education Among Hispanic Americans

Life chances after surgery of congenital heart disease: A case-control-study of inter- and intragenerational social mobility over 15 years

Casework Intervention on Intergenerational Education

Racial and Ethnic Differences in the Relationship Between Educational Mobility and Crime

Is Gender Destiny? Gender Bias and Intergenerational Educational Mobility in India

Intergenerational Educational Attainment and Cardiometabolic Health in Latino Individuals Living in the United States

Mothers, sons and daughters: intergenerational transmission of education in Canada

Intergenerational educational pathways and instrumental crime, violent crime, and illegal drug use across the life course

Educational mobility in developing countries

Intergenerational Education As a Resource of Digital Socialization of Older People

Intergenerational Educational Pathways and Self-Rated Health in Adolescence and Young Adulthood: Results of the German KiGGS Cohort

Interdisciplinary and Intergenerational Project, Ulisses’ Pirate:

Gender Differences in the Criminogenic Consequences Associated with Intergenerational Educational Mobility

Postsecondary Education, Neighborhood Disadvantage, and Crime: An Examination of Life Course Relative Deprivation

Interpreting the Chinese Diaspora: Identity, Socialisation, and Resilience According to Pierre Bourdieu

Intergenerational Educational Mobility in Rural Economy: Evidence from China and India

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Intergenerational educational mobility and health satisfaction across the life course: Does the long arm of childhood conditions only become visible later in life?

Claves para el diseño de propuestas educativas intergeneracionales a partir de una experiencia de actividad física

The role of intergenerational educational mobility and household wealth in adult obesity: Evidence from Wave 2 of the World Health Organization’s Study on global AGEing and adult health

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Educação como tradição: a relação adulto-criança na antropologia culturalista de Margaret Mead e Ruth Benedict


Crenças e atitudes sobre a velhice: infância, adolescência, avós e a intergeracionalidade

The effect of parents’ education appreciation on intergenerational inequality

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Intergenerational Education