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Distant Employment: Remote Mode Becomes the Norm in a Number of Professions

The status of sibilant harmony in Diné Bizaad (Navajo)

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Immigrants, Crime, and the American Dream: Testing a Segmented Assimilation Theory of Crime.

Values of Ethnic Russians and the Indigenous Population in North Caucasus Republics of the Russian Federation: An Exploratory Three-Generation Comparison

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Are you talking to me? Generation X, Y, Z responses to mobile advertising

Definitions of Meaningful Work for Generation X and Millennial Cuspers

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The Effect of Social Capital and Family Support on Loneliness among Korean Adults: Intergenerational Differences

Sex-specific intergenerational trends in morbidity burden and multimorbidity status in Hong Kong community: an age-period-cohort analysis of repeated population surveys

Modifiable personal and environmental factors associated with anxiety in family caregivers of children with disabilities: A comparison between parents and grandparents.

Home-Based Acculturation and Chinese Attitude Toward Intercultural Marriage: A Cross-Generational Comparison

Intergenerational Comparison of Successful Aging Perception, Lifestyle and Self-Esteem

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Intergenerational differences and influential factors of basic public health service utilization for floating population.

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Valores Pessoais e Profissionais de Enfermeiros: uma revisão integrativa

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The value-reflexive attitude of Russians to the Internet (the case of Moscow and the Moscow Region)

The Top 10 Downloads of 2020 in ASTRO’s Advances in Radiation Oncology

The Multidimensional Nature of Family Migration: Transnational and Mixed Families in Europe

Value Preferences and Intergenerational Differences of Tourists to Traditional Chinese Villages

El Batraa manufacturers for chemicals and paint


Physical Activity and Quality of Life of University Students, Their Parents, and Grandparents in Poland—Selected Determinants

Coping with the Kafr Qasim Massacre in the Local Education System: an Intergenerational Perspective

Intergenerational gaps in West Bank Jewish communities

Addressing alcohol and other drug use among young people from migrant and ethnic minority backgrounds: Perspectives of service providers in Melbourne, Australia.

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Образовательные траектории трёх российских поколений: от дошкольной подготовки к профессиональному образованию

Generational differences in psychological wellbeing and preventative behaviours among nursing students during COVID-19: a cross-sectional study.

[Female patients with eating disorders and their parents experience in China: A qualitative study].

Belçikalı Türk Göçmenlerde Kültürleşme Stratejileri ve Ebeveynlik Tutumu

Transmission of Collective Memory and Jewish Identity in Post-War Jewish Generations through War Souvenirs

Diferencias intergeneracionales en el Sentido de Comunidad entre un grupo de niños y adultos mayores de la parcela de Cujacal en la ciudad de San Juan de Pasto–Colombia

Economic Identity of Different Generations of Russians

Exploring the Role of Grandparents in the Feeding of Grandchildren Aged 1–5 Years

Intergenerational differences in the body build of women

A study on the impact of regional differences in housing of migrant workers and the integration of urban and rural development - An analytical framework based on behavioral economics

Exogenous Cultural Change in the Background of the Generational Change: The Case from Papua New Guinea

Organizational communication and job satisfaction: what role do generational differences play?

Intergenerational differences in the use of maps: results from an online survey


Luxury Products and Sustainability Issues from the Perspective of Young Italian Consumers

Cultural Risk and Protective Factors for Depressive Symptoms in Asian American College Students

Using Workforce Inter-Personnel Diversity to Alleviate Generational Differences

Brexit, race and migration

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Association of Acquired and Heritable Factors With Intergenerational Differences in Age at Symptomatic Onset of Alzheimer Disease Between Offspring and Parents With Dementia

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