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Do Grandparents Matter? Multigenerational Mobility in the United States, 1940–2015

Home away from home: Examining adolescent refugees’ well-being in Australia

Intergenerational persistence of family formation trajectories among teenage-mothers and -fathers in Sweden

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Pathways of Disadvantage: Unpacking the Intergenerational Correlation in Welfare

Household deprivation and the intergenerational correlation of education: An analysis of developing countries

Intergenerational health mobility: Evidence from Danish registers.

The transmission of health across 7 generations in China, 1789-1906.

Cultural Values, Intergenerational Transmission of Internalized Racism, Education, and Career Goals in Chinese American Families

Intergenerational Homeownership in France over the 20th Century

Economic approach to intergenerational mobility: Measures, methods, and challenges in developing countries

The Impact of the Parenting Style on the Formation of Adolescent Human Capital

Closing or reproducing the gender gap? Parental transmission, social norms and education choice

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