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Intergenerational transmission of violence: The mediating role of adolescent psychopathology symptoms.

The hands that cradle: A pilot study of parent adverse childhood experience scores.

Intergenerational Cycles of Maltreatment: A Scoping Review of Psychosocial Risk and Protective Factors.

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Youth Engagement in Nigerian Politics: Age and Gender Differentials (as Perceived by Ijebu-Ode Community)

[Characteristics associated with depression and post-traumatic stress disorder among childhood sexual abuse women].

A Longitudinal Analysis of the Intergenerational Transmission of Health Inequality

Intergenerational continuity in parenting: a review and theoretical integration

A family-centered prevention ameliorates the associations of low self-control during childhood with employment income and poverty status in young African American adults.

The intergenerational transmission of childhood maltreatment: Nonspecificity of maltreatment type and associations with borderline personality pathology.

Intergenerational continuity/discontinuity of child maltreatment among low-income mother-child dyads: The roles of childhood maltreatment characteristics, maternal psychological functioning, and family ecology.

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Intergenerational Continuity