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Long Memory in Turkish Unemployment Rates

Inflation in Argentina: Analysis of Persistence Using Fractional Integration

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Service Science Management Engineering and Design (SSMED): a semiautomatic literature review

Prediction of environmental indicators in land leveling using artificial intelligence techniques

A review of methods for measuring groundwater–surface water exchange in braided rivers

Integrated Genomic and Metabolomic Approach to the Discovery of Potential Anti-Quorum Sensing Natural Products from Microbes Associated with Marine Samples from Singapore

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Semantic-based 3D information modelling and documentation of rockeries in Chinese classical gardens: A case study on the rockery at Huanxiu Shanzhuang, Suzhou, China

Purification of lactoperoxidase from bovine milk by integrating the technique of salting-out extraction with cation exchange chromatographic separation

Recent advances in electrocatalysts for halogenated organic pollutant degradation

Оптимізація конструкції давача тиску ємнісного типу

Microwave-Based Technique for Fast and Reliable Extraction of Organic Contaminants from Food, with a Special Focus on Hydrocarbon Contaminants

Safety Research in Traditional Chinese Medicine: Methods, Applications, and Outlook

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Perspectives on small-scale integrated biorefineries using supercritical CO2 as a green solvent

Integrated biophysical characterization of fibrillar collagen-based hydrogels

Arsenic mobilization in a high arsenic groundwater revealed by metagenomic and Geochip analyses

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