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When speed matters: The importance of flight speed in an avian collision risk model

An emergency care research course for healthcare career preparation

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Hydroxy-tyrosol as a Free Radical Scavenging Molecule in Polymeric Hydrogels Subjected to Gamma-Ray Irradiation

Educational Approaches Help Bridge Perception Gaps of Invasive Alien Species (Mikania micrantha) between Managers and Non-managers

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Fruit trees and herbaceous plants increase functional and phylogenetic diversity of birds in smallholder rubber plantations

Modelling the habitat selection of the bearded vulture to predict areas of potential conflict with wind energy development in the Swiss Alps

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Dynamic allostery controls the peptide sensitivity of the Ly49C natural killer receptor

L-Arabinose Transport and Metabolism in Salmonella Influences Biofilm Formation

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Reduced birth weight caused by sextuple drug resistant Plasmodium falciparum infection in early 2nd trimester.

Submesoscale physicochemical dynamics directly shape bacterioplankton community structure in space and time

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Aquaculture Farming Effect on Benthic Respiration and Nutrient Flux in Semi-Enclosed Coastal Waters of Korea

NetScatter: Visual analytics of multivariate time series with a hybrid of dynamic and static variable relationships

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Potential Mechanisms of Acute Standing Balance Deficits After Concussions and Subconcussive Head Impacts: A Review.

Head Impact Biomechanics in Youth Flag Football: A Prospective Cohort Study

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Different Active Microbial Communities in Two Contrasted Subantarctic Fjords

Inter- and Intra-Annual Bacterioplankton Community Patterns in a Deepwater Sub-Arctic Region: Persistent High Background Abundance of Putative Oil Degraders

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Modeling mutational effects on biochemical phenotypes using convolutional neural networks: application to SARS-CoV-2

SARS-CoV-2 Spike receptor-binding domain with a G485R mutation in complex with human ACE2

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Nutrition and the Hallmarks of Aging

An increase in food production in Europe could dramatically affect farmland biodiversity

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Exercise alone impacts short-term adult visual neuroplasticity in a monocular deprivation paradigm.

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Exposure to pesticides and chronic respiratory health effects: what is the link?

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13-Year-Old Boy Presenting with Bilateral Femur Fractures in the Setting of Severe Vitamin D Deficiency

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Low Rate of Guideline Adherence for the Diagnosis and Management of Adrenal Incidentalomas in the Nova Scotia Health Authority Central Zone

The Effect of Biodegradable Waste Pyrolysis Temperatures on Selected Biochar Properties

Water and nitrogen shape winter annual plant diversity and community composition in near‐urban Sonoran Desert preserves

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Breech presentation management: A critical review of leading clinical practice guidelines.

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Long-Range DNA-Water Interactions.

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Effect of corneal refractive surgery on accommodative and binocular dysfunctions among civilian pilots in Southwest China

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Foregone and predicted futures: challenges of opportunity cost neglect and impact bias for public participation in policymaking

Integrate analysis of the promote function of Cell division cycle-associated protein family to pancreatic adenocarcinoma

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Sleep assessment in cystic fibrosis patients using a minimal-impact biomotion system.

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Effects of the Chemical and Structural Properties of Silane Monolayers on the Organization of Water Molecules and Ions at Interfaces, from Molecular Dynamics Simulations.

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The Effect of Biaxial Interlocking Block to the Masonry Wall Properties under Uniaxial Compression Load

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Atmospheric ammonia and nitrogen deposition on Irish Natura 2000 sites: Implications for Irish agriculture

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