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Effect of sulfate on the basaltic liquidus and Sulfur Concentration at Anhydrite Saturation (SCAS) of hydrous basalts – Implications for sulfur cycle in subduction zones

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The Upper Cretaceous intrusive rocks with extensive crustal contribution in Hacımahmutuşağı Area (Aksaray/Turkey)

Hydrous melting of metasomatized mantle wedge and crustal growth in the post-collisional stage: Evidence from Late Triassic monzodiorite and its mafic enclaves in the south Qinling (central China)

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Archean crustal evolution of the Bundelkhand Craton: evidence from granitoid magmatism

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Mineral chemistry of megacrysts and associated clinopyroxenite enclaves in the Calatrava volcanic field: crystallization processes in mantle magma chambers

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