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In-situ growth of Ag on mussel-inspired polydopamine@poly(M-POSS) hybrid nanoparticles and their catalytic activity

Design and Fabrication of Polyolefin–Acrylic Hybrid Latex Particles

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Tunable microstructure of polyacrylate/ZnO nanorods composite emulsion and its film-forming properties

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Effect of clay type on the properties of hybrid latexes of poly(vinyl acetate) and montmorillonite prepared via surfactant-free emulsion polymerization

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Waterborne Hybrid Acrylic/Protein Nanocomposites with Enhanced Hydrophobicity by Incorporating a Water Repelling Protein

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Tailoring the Morphology of Polymer/Montmorillonite Hybrid Latexes by Surfactant-Free Emulsion Polymerization Mediated by Amphipathic MacroRAFT Agents

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