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Linear and nonlinear static bending of sandwich beams with functionally graded porous core under different distributed loads

Response Suppression of FGM Plate Using Piezoelectric Layers Under Parametric Uncertainty Conditions with Markovian Jump Approach

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Sub–single-exciton lasing using charged quantum dots coupled to a distributed feedback cavity

Switching on quantum dot lasers

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Generation of simulated corium using thermite process

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Hybrid Design Optimization of Sandwich Panels with Gradient Shape Anti-Tetrachiral Auxetic Core for Vibroacoustic Applications

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Flexoelectric-Boosted Piezoelectricity of BaTiO3@SrTiO3 Core-Shell Nanostructure Determined by Multiscale Simulations for Flexible Energy Harvesters

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Experimental investigation on the performance of PVC foam core sandwich panels under air blast loading

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