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Identifying patterns of health care utilisation among physical elder abuse victims using Medicare data and legally adjudicated cases: protocol for case–control study using data linkage and machine learning

Fluorescence spectroscopy of CDOM in urbanized waters across gradients of development/industrialization of China.

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Lice work: Non-human trajectories in volunteer tourism

Place niche and its regional variability: Measuring spatial context patterns for points of interest with representation learning

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Decomposition of Leaf Litter from Native and Nonnative Woody Plants in Terrestrial and Aquatic Systems in the Eastern and Upper Midwestern U.S.A.

The association of type of cannabis product used and frequency of use with problematic cannabis use in a sample of young adult cannabis users.

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Latent Profiles of Emotion Regulation Strategies Associated with Alexithymia, Non-suicidal self-injury, and Resilience among Nursing Students.

A comparison of outcomes and survival between Victoria and Denmark in lung cancer surgery: opportunities for international benchmarking.

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Signatures of copy number alterations in human cancer

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Global incidence trends in head and neck cancer for HPV-related and -unrelated subsites: A systematic review of population-based studies.

The Occurrence of Sexual Risk Behaviors and Its Association With Psychological Well-Being Among Kenyan Adolescents

A Novel Approach for Cognitive Clustering of Parkinsonisms through Affinity Propagation

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The impact of immigration-related separation and reunification on children’s education: Evidence from the American Community Survey 2010–2018

The value of qualitative muscle MRI in the diagnostic procedures of myopathies: a biopsy-controlled study in 191 patients

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A new extinct species of alligator lizard (Squamata: Elgaria) and an expanded perspective on the osteology and phylogeny of Gerrhonotinae

Access to maternity and prenatal care services in rural Michigan.

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Assessment and Evaluation of cancer CT images using deep learning Techniques

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Does the returners and explorers dichotomy in urban human mobility depend on the observation duration? An empirical study in Guangzhou, China

The Dynamics of Subjective Career Success: A Qualitative Inquiry

Infiltrating security into development: exploring the world’s largest software security study

Phylogenetic Position of the Genus Alulacris (Orthoptera: Acrididae: Melanoplinae: Podismini) Revealed by Complete Mitogenome Evidence

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Germ plasm provides clues on meiosis: the concerted action of germ plasm granules and mitochondria in gametogenesis of the clam Ruditapes philippinarum.

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337) Medical Comorbidities in a Fibromyalgia Community Sample

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EEG and ANS markers of attention response in vegetative state: Different responses to own vs. other names

Impact of bone marrow fibrosis grade in post‐polycythemia vera and post‐essential thrombocythemia myelofibrosis: A study of the MYSEC group

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DCADE: divide and conquer alignment with dynamic encoding for full page data extraction

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Local and global patterns in quasiparticle interference: a reduced response function approach.

Cultural Engagement and the Economic Performance of the Cultural and Creative Industries: An Occupational Critique

Transcriptomics of Tasmanian Devil (Sarcophilus Harrisii) Ear Tissue Reveals Homogeneous Gene Expression Patterns across a Heterogeneous Landscape

Análise de Perfis de Usuários de Música e Seus Impactos no Desempenho de Políticas de Substituição de Cache

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