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Treatment of anorexia nervosa: is it lacking power?

Noninferiority trials in clinical practice

The influence of crushing amorphous solid dispersion dosage forms on the in-vitro dissolution kinetics.

Evolution of the EU Biosimilar Framework: Past and Future

Diabetic macular oedema and diode subthreshold micropulse laser (DIAMONDS): study protocol for a randomised controlled trial

Effect of Presenting Baseline Probes During or After Emergent Relations Tests on Equivalence Class Formation

“Exact and approximate power and sample size calculations for analysis of covariance in randomized clinical trials with or without stratification” by Yongqiang Tang

Validation of automatic passenger counting: introducing the t-test-induced equivalence test

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The efficacy of psychodynamic psychotherapy: an up-to-date review

An Open label, Randomised Controlled trial on the effectiveness of the Orve+ Wrap® versus Forced Air Warming in restoring normothermia in the Post Anaesthetic Care Unit.

A Proposal of Conducting Bioequivalence Trials with Gastric pH Modulators for Two Oral Formulations Demonstrating Different Dissolution Profiles at Elevated pH

Pharmacokinetics of prednisolone in children: an open-label, randomised, two-treatment cross-over trial investigating the bioequivalence of different prednisolone formulations in children with airway disease

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Equivalence Trials 等效試驗

Equivalence Trials 等效試驗
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