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Promoting positive body image and intuitive eating in women with overweight and obesity via an online intervention: Results from a pilot feasibility study.

Combining day treatment and outpatient treatment for eating disorders: findings from a naturalistic setting

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Internet-based aftercare for women with bulimia nervosa following inpatient treatment: The role of adherence☆

Children with avoidant/restrictive food intake disorder and anorexia nervosa in a tertiary care pediatric eating disorder program: A comparative study

A Systematic Review of Electrophysiological Findings in Binge-Purge Eating Disorders: A Window Into Brain Dynamics

The validation of a Farsi version of the Clinical Impairment Assessment (F-CIA) among Iranian adolescent boys and girls

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Disordered Eating, Body Image Dissatisfaction, and Associated Healthcare Utilization Patterns for Sexual Minority Youth.

Pediatric weight management, dietary restraint, dieting, and eating disorder risk: a systematic review.

Depression, Anxiety and Eating Disorder-Related Impairment: Moderators in Female Adolescents and Young Adults

An examination of social group memberships in patients with eating disorders, carers, and healthy controls.

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An examination of the role of social comparison orientation and social norms in drunkorexia engagement.

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Stigmatization and attitudes toward eating disorders: a comparison between native German adolescents, Turkish immigrant adolescents in Germany, and native Turkish adolescents.

A cross-sectional examination of executive function and its associations with grazing in persons with obesity with and without eating disorder features compared to a healthy control group

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Examining eating disorder-related social comparison orientation and body dissatisfaction in the relationship between fit ideal internalization and drunkorexia engagement.

Positive and Negative Emotional Eating Are Not the Same—The Spanish Version of the Positive-Negative Emotional Eating Scale (PNEES)

The impact of COVID-19 on eating disorder referrals and admissions in Waikato, New Zealand

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Stigmatizing effects of weight status on lay perceptions of eating disorder-related distress.

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