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Social network moderators of brief alcohol intervention impact.

Drinking Refusal Self-Efficacy: Impacts on Outcomes from a Multi-Site Early Intervention Trial

Drinking reduction during cognitive behavioral therapy for alcohol use disorder is associated with a reduction in anterior insula-bed nucleus of the stria terminalis resting-state functional connectivity.

Integrative data analysis of self-efficacy in four clinical trials for alcohol use disorder.

Selective Inhibition of PDE4B Reduces Binge Drinking in Two C57BL/6 Substrains

Testing the efficacy of motivational strategies, empathic reflections, and lifelike features in a computerized intervention for alcohol use: A factorial trial.

Therapeutic Prospects of Cannabidiol for Alcohol Use Disorder and Alcohol-Related Damages on the Liver and the Brain

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Reduction in non-abstinent World Health Organization (WHO) drinking risk levels and drug use disorders: 3-year follow-up results in the US general population.

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Effectiveness of alcohol-prevention social marketing in the presence of alcohol advertising

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Effects of a Moderate Drinking Program based on Social Cognitive Theory on College Students with Drinking Problems

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Medical Reasons for Limiting Drinking: Data from a Sexual Health Clinic

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Liver enzymes in alcohol consumers with or without binge drinking.

Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention and Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation to Reduce Heavy Drinking: A Double-Blind Sham-Controlled Randomized Trial.

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