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Behavioral economics and the aggregate versus proximal impact of sociality on heavy drinking.

Post-event Processing and Alcohol Intoxication: The Moderating Role of Social Anxiety

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Online personalized normative feedback intervention to reduce event-specific drinking during Mardi Gras.

Thanksgiving Day Alcohol Use: Associations With Expectations and Negative Affect

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Wrist-worn alcohol biosensors: Applications and usability in behavioral research.

Developing and evaluating threshold-based algorithms to detect drinking behavior in dairy cows using reticulorumen temperature.

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Alcohol Subjective Responses in Heavy Drinkers: Measuring Acute Effects in the Natural Environment Versus the Controlled Laboratory Setting.

Acute Consumption of Alcohol and Discrete Atrial Fibrillation Events

Lack of neuropeptide FF signalling in mice leads to reduced repetitive behavior, altered drinking behavior, and fuel type selection.

Do alcohol-related consequences and how they are evaluated predict consumption during and days until the next drinking event?

Event-level correlates of drinking events characterized by alcohol-induced blackouts.

Drinking, Social Abstaining, and Refusing Invitations: Demographic Differences Persist across College.

Technical note: Using an electronic drinker to monitor competition in dairy cows.

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A Control-Theoretic Assessment of Interventions During Drinking Events

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Drinking stories as a narrative genre: The five classic themes

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Performance of Nellore females in tropical pastures during the rainy season when supplemented with molasses blocks

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Alcohol-Induced Amnesia and Personalized Drinking Feedback: Blackouts Predict Intervention Response.

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Activity Spaces: Assessing Differences in Alcohol Exposures and Alcohol Use for Parents.

Real-Time Drink Trigger Detection in Free-living Conditions Using Inertial Sensors

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