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Effect of type of diet on blood and plasma taurine concentrations, cardiac biomarkers, and echocardiograms in 4 dog breeds

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Examining commonalities and differences in food groups, nutrients, and diet quality among popular diets.

Anti-aging effects of a functional food via the action of gut microbiota and metabolites in aging mice

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Effects of dietary supplementation of inulin on rumen fermentation and bacterial microbiota, inflammatory response and growth performance in finishing beef steers fed high or low-concentrate diet

Effects of age and supplemental xylanase in corn- and wheat-based diets on cecal volatile fatty acid concentrations of broilers1.

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Are tropical reptiles really declining? A six-year survey of snakes in Drake Bay, Costa Rica, and the role of temperature, rain and light

Are Tropical Reptiles Really Declining? A Six-year Survey of Snakes in Drake Bay, Costa Rica, and the Role of Temperature, Rain and Light

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The effect of coffee consumption on glucose homeostasis and redox-inflammatory responses in high-fat diet-induced obese rats.

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Effects of Saccharomyces cerevisiae fermentation product on the nutrient digestibility and ileal digesta characteristics of cannulated growing pigs fed corn- or barley-sorghum-based diets

Rumen Fermentation Characteristics Require More Time to Stabilize When Diet Shifts

Sex Differences in Supplement Intake in Recreational Endurance Runners—Results from the NURMI Study (Step 2)

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Training and Racing Behaviors of Omnivorous, Vegetarian, and Vegan Endurance Runners—Results from the NURMI Study (Step 1)

Adherence to Ketogenic and Mediterranean Study Diets in a Crossover Trial: The Keto–Med Randomized Trial

Shark spiral intestines may operate as Tesla valves

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Effects of Obesity-Associated Chronic Inflammation on Peripheral Blood Immunophenotype Are Not Mediated by TNF in Female C57BL/6J Mice

Effects of Diet and Phytogenic Inclusion on the Antioxidant Capacity of the Broiler Chicken Gut

Pandemic prevention and unsustainable animal-based consumption

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A comparison of growth and taurine retention between plant and animal protein-based diets in juvenile white seabass Atractoscion nobilis

Comparison of natural prey Tetranychus turkestani, date palm pollen, and bee pollen diets on development, reproduction, and life table parameters of the predator Amblyseius swirskii

Popularity of Commercial and Non-Commercial Diets From 2010–2020: A Google Trends Analysis

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Effects of protease supplementation and diet type on jejunal and ileal digestibility and total tract metabolisability of nitrogen, starch, and energy in broilers.

Coccidia Vaccine Challenge and Exogenous Enzyme Supplementation in Broiler Chicken 1. Effect on Digesta Viscosity, Diet Energy Utilization, and Apparent Metabolizable Energy Value of Wheat

Differences in the Concentration of Vitamin D Metabolites in Plasma Due to the Low-Carbohydrate-High-Fat Diet and the Eastern European Diet—A Pilot Study

Integrating omics to characterize eco‐physiological adaptations: How moose diet and metabolism differ across biogeographic zones

Cost-Effectiveness of Black Soldier Fly Larvae Meal as Substitute of Fishmeal in Diets for Layer Chicks and Growers

Differential organ-specific inflammatory response to progranulin in high-fat diet-fed mice

Dose–Response Effects of 3-Nitrooxypropanol Combined with Low- and High-Concentrate Feed Proportions in the Dairy Cow Ration on Fermentation Parameters in a Rumen Simulation Technique

Effects of 25(OH)D3 supplementation during late gestation on the serum biochemistry and reproductive performance of aged sows and newborn piglets.

Identification and Evaluation of Reference Genes for Quantitative PCR Normalization in Alligator Weed Flea Beetle (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae)

Oxidative stress and neuroinflammation in a rat model of co-morbid obesity and psychogenic stress

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Modeling the Count Data of Public Health Service Visits with Overdispersion Problem by Using Negative Binomial Regression

Perceptions and experiences of lifestyle interventions in women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), as a management strategy for symptoms of PCOS

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Characterization and comparison of the digestive physiology of two scombrids, Katsuwonus pelamis and Sarda sarda, in the Gulf of Cádiz

Impact of Diet and Moisture Content on the Development of Musca domestica (Diptera: Muscidae)

Diet Drives Differences in Reproductive Synchrony in Two Sympatric Mountain Ungulates in the Himalaya

The Influence of Diet Type on Ranking for Feed Intake in Angus Cows

Label-free screening of brain tissue myelin content using phase imaging with computational specificity (PICS)

Analysis of Social Media Discussions on (#)Diet by Blue, Red, and Swing States in the U.S.

Gut microbial communities associated with phenotypically divergent populations of the striped stem borer Chilo suppressalis (Walker, 1863)

Functional and aesthetic treatment outcomes after immediate jaw reconstruction using a fibula flap and dental implants.

Retrieving forensic information about the donor through bacterial profiling

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Lessons learned from recent clinical trials of ketogenic diet therapies in adults.

27-Hydroxycholesterol Promotes Adiposity and Mimics Adipogenic Diet-induced Inflammatory Signaling.

Correlation Between Soy Milk Formula Consumption with Plasma Estradiol Level and Growth of Children in Denpasar

P18 Perception of Vegetarian Diets in College Students

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Welfare Quality® assessment of a fast-growing and a slower-growing broiler hybrid, reared until 10 weeks and fed a low-protein, high-protein or mussel-meal diet

Magnesium absorption as influenced by the rumen passage kinetics in lactating dairy cows fed modified levels of fibre and protein

L-Arabinose Elicits Gut-Derived Hydrogen Production and Ameliorates Metabolic Syndrome in C57BL/6J Mice on High-Fat-Diet

Vitamin B12 and folate status in Spanish lacto-ovo vegetarians and vegans

Fatty Acid Profile and Cardiometabolic Markers in Relation with Diet Type and Omega-3 Supplementation in Spanish Vegetarians

Low glycaemic index diets as an intervention for obesity: a systematic review and meta‐analysis

A Mobile Phone App for the Provision of Personalized Food-Based Information in an Eating-Out Situation: Development and Initial Evaluation

Modulation of broiler gut microbiota and gene expression of Toll‐like receptors and tight junction proteins by diet type and inclusion of phytogenics

Vegetarianism and other eating practices among youth and young adults in major Canadian cities.

Ad-libitum high fat diet consumption during adolescence and adulthood impacts the intravenous self-administration of cocaine in male Sprague-Dawley rats.

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Different regulation of cortisol and corticosterone in the subterranean rodent Ctenomys talarum: Responses to dexamethasone, angiotensin II, potassium, and diet.

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Assessment of metabolic and hormonal profiles and striatal dopamine D2 receptor expression following continuous or scheduled high-fat or high-sucrose diet in rats.

Corn starch dextrin changes intestinal microbiota and its metabolic activity in rats fed a basal and high-fat diet

Assessment of Three Diet Types on Constitutive Immune Parameters in Captive Budgerigar (Melopsittacus undulatus)

Microbiome-Metabolomics Analysis Investigating the Impacts of Dietary Starch Types on the Composition and Metabolism of Colonic Microbiota in Finishing Pigs

Evaluating the Effect of Adaptation Length on Apparent Ileal and Total Tract Digestible Energy of Corn and Wheat Middlings in Growing Pigs

The Koala (Phascolarctos cinereus) faecal microbiome differs with diet in a wild population

Framing pictures: A conceptual framework to identify and correct for biases in detection probability of camera traps enabling multi‐species comparison

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Early Postnatal Diet Differentially Affects the Fecal Microbiome and Metabolome (FS04-02-19).

Prebiotic supplementation in frail older people affects specific gut microbiota taxa but not global diversity

Periapical Healing in Single‐visit Endodontics under General Anesthesia in Special Needs Patients

Physiological and Dietary Determinants of Iron Status in Spanish Vegetarians

Vegan and Animal Meal Composition and Timing Influence Glucose and Lipid Related Postprandial Metabolic Profiles