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Derivative Type sentence examples within time delay system

Stabilization of T-S fuzzy fractional rectangular descriptor time-delay system

Derivative Type sentence examples within Fractional Derivative Type

Thermo-viscoelastic fractional model of rotating nanobeams with variable thermal conductivity due to mechanical and thermal loads

Stability for an Klein–Gordon equation type with a boundary dissipation of fractional derivative type

Derivative Type sentence examples within Jumarie Derivative Type

An advanced method with convergence analysis for solving space-time fractional partial differential equations with multi delays

A novel graph-operational matrix method for solving multidelay fractional differential equations with variable coefficients and a numerical comparative survey of fractional derivative types

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Derivative Type sentence examples within Sequential Derivative Type

Ejemplificación de metodología mixta para el análisis del uso de entornos blended learning en docentes universitarios

Percepción de Blended Learning en profesores universitarios de distintos ámbitos disciplinares

Derivative Type sentence examples within derivative type fuzzy

Dynamic Positioning of An Oceanographic Research Vessel Using Fuzzy Logic Controller in Different Sea States

Optimizing PD-type Fuzzy Logic Controller for Position Control of Spherical Robot

Derivative Type sentence examples within derivative type curf

Semi-analytical model for characterization of anomalous linear-flow behavior in partially-propped fractured wells

Analytical solution to pressure transient analysis in non-Newtonian/Newtonian fluids in naturally fractured composite reservoirs

Official of operating units: status and powers

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About Some Measures for Autonomization and Optimization of Administrative and Tort Proceedings in the Russian Federation

Global small data solutions for semilinear waves with two dissipative terms

Not too deep: Privacy, resistance, and the incorporation of social media in background checks

A note on the nonexistence of global solutions to the semilinear wave equation with nonlinearity of derivative-type in the generalized Einstein-de Sitter spacetime

Nonexistence of global solutions for a weakly coupled system of semilinear damped wave equations in the scattering case with mixed nonlinear terms

Experimental evaluation of dynamic performance of three-phase AC–DC PWM rectifier with PD-type-2 fuzzy neural network controller

A blow-up result for the semilinear Moore-Gibson-Thompson equation with nonlinearity of derivative type in the conservative case

Cartography and Code: Incorporating Automation in the Exploration of Medieval Mappaemundi

Design of Robust Trackers and Unknown Nonlinear Perturbation Estimators for a Class of Nonlinear Systems: HTRDNA Algorithm for Tracker Optimization

Growth and Distortion Results for a Class of Biholomorphic Mapping and Extremal Problem with Parametric Representation in $$\mathbb {C}^n$$Cn

Carbides and Nitrides of Zirconium and Hafnium

Tranched Value Securities

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Derivative Type 衍生類型

Derivative Type 衍生類型
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