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Assessing the impact of climate change on soil erosion in East Africa using a convection-permitting climate model

Anthropogenic Influences on Tornadic Storms

Variations in Flash Flood–Producing Storm Characteristics Associated with Changes in Vertical Velocity in a Future Climate in the Mississippi River Basin

Warm-season mesoscale convective systems over eastern China: convection-permitting climate model simulation and observation

COSMIC project: COnvective-Scale Modelling In China

Midlatitude cyclones in convection permitting climate simulations: the added value offered for extreme wind speeds and sting-jets

Extreme windstorms and sting jets in convection-permitting climate simulations over Europe

AFRICAP - The impact of climate change on soil erosion in Tanzania and Malawi in a convection-permitting model

NUKLEUS - User-relevant and applicable kilometer-scale climate information for Germany

Extreme windstorms and sting-jets in convection-permitting climate simulations over Europe

Future changes in heatwaves over Africa at the convection-permitting scale

Towards advancing scientific knowledge of climate change impacts on short-duration rainfall extremes

Sensitivity of Convection Permitting Simulations to Lateral Boundary Conditions in Idealised Experiments

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