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Cotransplantation of mesenchymal stem cells and endothelial progenitor cells for treating steroid‐induced osteonecrosis of the femoral head

3D Printing of Dual-cell Delivery Titanium Alloy Scaffolds for Improving Osseointegration Through Enhancing Angiogenesis and Osteogenesis

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Experimental study on magnesium wire–polylactic acid biodegradable composite implants under in vitro material degradation and fatigue loading conditions

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Graphene reinforced polyether ether ketone nanocomposites for bone repair applications

Plasmonic Nanocomposite Implants for Interstitial Thermotherapy: Experimental and Computational Analysis

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Monetite-based composite cranial implants demonstrate long-term clinical volumetric balance by concomitant bone formation and degradation.

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Carbon fiber-reinforced PEEK instrumentation in the spinal oncology population: a retrospective series demonstrating technique, feasibility, and clinical outcomes.

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Effect of hexagonal structure nanoparticles on the morphological performance of the ceramic scaffold using analytical oscillation response

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Исследование имплантатов для интраоперационной гипертермии

A biodegradable, mechanically tunable micro‐arc oxidation AZ91D‐based composite implant with calcium phosphate/chitosan coating promotes long‐term bone tissue regeneration

Tuning HIV drug release from a nanogel-based in situ forming implant by changing nanogel size.

Evaluation of Mesenchymal Stem Cells and Osteoblasts’ Adhesion and Proliferation in the Presence of HA-AL Biomaterials

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