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Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning Based Coded Computation for Mobile Ad Hoc Computing

Numerically stable coded matrix computations via circulant and rotation matrix embeddings

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Distributed Matrix Multiplication with MDS Array BP-XOR Codes for Scaling Clusters

Distributed Gradient Descent with Coded Partial Gradient Computations

A locality-based lens for coded computation

Color codes with twists: Construction and universal-gate-set implementation

Speeding Up Private Distributed Matrix Multiplication via Bivariate Polynomial Codes

Fully Private Coded Matrix Multiplication From Colluding Workers

Study on spectral encoded computational ghost imaging

Private and rateless adaptive coded matrix-vector multiplication

Adaptive and Heterogeneity-Aware Coded Cooperative Computation at the Edge

In-Stream Correlation-Based Division and Bit-Inserting Square Root in Stochastic Computing

Adaptive Coding for Matrix Multiplication at Edge Networks

Temporal Computing With Superconductors

Coded Distributed Computing over Packet Erasure Channels

PRAC: private and rateless adaptive coded computation at the edge

A Node-Selection-Based Sub-Task Assignment Method for Coded Edge Computing

Private Polynomial Computation from Lagrange Encoding

Private Secure Coded Computation

Private and rateless adaptive coded matrix-vector multiplication

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Coding for Heterogeneous UAV-Based Networked Airborne Computing

In-Stream Stochastic Division and Square Root via Correlation

Universally Decodable Matrices for Distributed Matrix-Vector Multiplication

Straggler Resilient Serverless Computing Based on Polar Codes

Super Field-of-View Lensless Camera by Coded Image Sensors †

Numerical Solution of Non-Newtonian Fluid Flow Due to Rotatory Rigid Disk

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Coded Computation 編碼計算

Coded Computation 編碼計算
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