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Class Ii sentence examples within major histocompatibility complex

Homocitrullination of lysine residues mediated by myeloid-derived suppressor cells in the tumor environment is a target for cancer immunotherapy

Extracellular vesicles derived from small intestinal lamina propria reduce antigen-specific immune response.

Class Ii sentence examples within human leukocyte antigen

TagSNP approach for HLA risk allele genotyping of Saudi celiac disease patients: effectiveness and pitfalls

Updates on genetics in systemic sclerosis

Class Ii sentence examples within biopharmaceutical classification system

Hot-Melt Extruded Amorphous Solid Dispersion for Solubility, Stability, and Bioavailability Enhancement of Telmisartan

Development and in vitro and in vivo evaluations of a microemulsion formulation for the oral delivery of oxaprozin.

Class Ii sentence examples within biopharmaceutics classification system

Recent trends of self-emulsifying drug delivery system for enhancing the oral bioavailability of poorly water-soluble drugs

Impact of Crystal Habit on the Dissolution Rate and In Vivo Pharmacokinetics of Sorafenib Tosylate

Class Ii sentence examples within division 1 malocclusion

Analyzing the Role of Malnourishment in Malocclusion: A Cross-sectional Study

Cephalometric Evaluation of Stability of Airway Changes Obtained with Twin-block Therapy

Class Ii sentence examples within antigen presenting cell

CD97 stabilises the immunological synapse between dendritic cells and T cells and is targeted for degradation by the Salmonella effector SteD

Results from a phase II study of eftilagimod alpha (soluble LAG-3 protein) and pembrolizumab in patients with PD-L1 unselected metastatic second-line squamous head and neck carcinoma.

Class Ii sentence examples within left ventricular ejection

Прогнозирование 5-летней выживаемости у пациентов с хронической сердечной недостаточностью и имплантированными устройствами для сердечной ресинхронизирующей терапии

P002. Cardiovascular and Renal Outcomes with Empagliflozin in Heart Failure

Class Ii sentence examples within body mass index


Patients eligible and referred for bariatric surgery in southeastern Ontario

Class Ii sentence examples within cone beam computed

Sagittal Split Ramus Osteotomy in the Shortest Buccal Bone Marrow Distances of the Mandible on the Coronal Plane

Mandibular skeletal posterior anatomic limit for molar distalization in patients with Class III malocclusion with different vertical facial patterns

Class Ii sentence examples within year old female

Anomalous and Diseased Left Main Coronary Artery Arising fromthe RightCoronarySinus in an Elderly Lady

Interdisciplinary approach for a patient with excessive gingival display - a case report

Class Ii sentence examples within year old male

Osteogenesis imperfecta type III: Oral, craniofacial characteristics and atypical radiographic findings oral

Late diagnosis of classic congenital adrenal hyperplasia: long-term consequences during adulthood

Class Ii sentence examples within year old woman

Two-stage approach for class II mandibular furcation defect with insufficient keratinized mucosa: a case report with 3 years’ follow-up

Low-cost modified endoscopic vacuum therapy using a triple-lumen tube allows nutrition and drainage for treatment of an early post-bariatric surgery leak.

Class Ii sentence examples within water quality standard

Analysis of Water Quality in Layer Cage with Aquaponic System in PLTA Koto Panjang Container, Kampar District

Analysis of Water Quality in Batujai Reservoir Due to Community and Business Activities in Central Lombok Regency

Class Ii sentence examples within bimaxillary orthognathic surgery

Comparing Outcomes of Airway Changes and Risk of Sleep Apnea after Bimaxillary Orthognathic Surgery and Mandibular Setback Surgery in Patients with Skeletal Class III Malocclusion: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

The relationship between bimaxillary orthognathic surgery and the extent of posterior airway space in class II and III patients – A retrospective three-dimensional cohort analysis

Class Ii sentence examples within anterior open bite

Abordagem precoce da má oclusão de Classe II esquelética com atresia maxilar e mordida aberta anterior e o uso de alinhadores ClearCorrect – relato de caso

Occlusal Disorders in Patients with Sickle Cell Disease: Critical Literature Review.

Class Ii sentence examples within nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide

Emerging role of SIRT2 in non-small cell lung cancer

The Emerging Role of HDACs: Pathology and Therapeutic Targets in Diabetes Mellitus

Class Ii sentence examples within chronic heart failure

Effect of Integrated, Person-Centred Palliative Advanced Home and Heart Failure Care on NT-proBNP Levels: A Substudy of the PREFER Study

Respiratory syncytial virus acute respiratory infections in ≥ 65-year-old adults in long-term care facilities in the Czech Republic.

Class Ii sentence examples within phosphatidylinositol 3 kinase

Reconstitution of cargo-induced LC3 lipidation in mammalian selective autophagy

Class III phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase complex I subunit NRBF2/Atg38 - from cell and structural biology to health and disease.

Class Ii sentence examples within improve student learning


The Impact of Electronic Puzzle on two-dimensional shapes grouping lesson

Class Ii sentence examples within 9 kg m2

Obesity and long-term outcomes after incident stroke: a prospective population-based cohort study.

Time-varying association between body mass index and all-cause mortality in patients with hypertension

Class Ii sentence examples within reduced ejection fraction

The effect of ivabradine on hospitalization of heart failure patients: A retrospective cohort study

Cost-impact analysis of baroreflex activation therapy in chronic heart failure patients in the United States

Class Ii sentence examples within bilateral sagittal split

Three-Dimensional Outcome Assessments of Surgical Correction in Cleft and Noncleft Patients with Class III Skeletal Relation: A Case-Control Study

Position of the mandibular canal before and after bilateral sagittal split ramus osteotomy: a cone beam computed tomographic study.

Class Ii sentence examples within next generation sequencing

The influence of HLA genotype on the severity of COVID‐19 infection

Four novel HLA class II alleles identified using next‐generation sequencing

Class Ii sentence examples within year old man

Ruptured Bullae: A Case of Transthyretin Cardiac Amyloidosis

Conus Artery Injection: May Be Helpful?

Class Ii sentence examples within pulmonary artery pressure

Remote Hemodynamic Monitoring Equally Reduces Heart Failure Hospitalizations in Women and Men in Clinical Practice

Carvedilol for Treatment of Right Ventricular Dysfunction in Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension

Class Ii sentence examples within fixed functional appliance

Proxy Crimps: A Transformative Solution

Effects of fixed twin-block and forsus fatigue resistant device on mandibular third molar angulation – A comparative study

Class Ii sentence examples within present case report

Unilateral Scissor Bite Managed with Prefabricated Functional Appliances in Primary Dentition—A New Interceptive Orthodontic Protocol

Protraction Facemask Followed by Mandibular Cervical Headgear: an Alternative in the Treatment of Class III Malocclusion with Severe Anterior Open-Bite

Class Ii sentence examples within poorly water soluble

Exploration on the drug solubility enhancement in aqueous medium with the help of endo-functionalized molecular tubes: a computational approach.

Formulation, Development and Evaluation of Bisoprolol Sustained Release Tablets

Class Ii sentence examples within low aqueous solubility

Molecular Inclusion -Novel Approach to Enhance Solubility of Olmesartan Medoxomil Using Hydroxypropyl ? Cyclodextrin (HP ?-CD)

Validation of an RP-HPLC Method for the Determination of Asenapine Maleate in Dissolution Media and Application to Study In Vitro Release from Co-Crystals

Class Ii sentence examples within retrospective cohort study

Risk stratification and survival in patients with HFmrEF: the role of cardiopulmonary exercise testing

Virtually-Planned Orthognathic Surgery Achieves an Accurate Condylar Position.

Class Ii sentence examples within polymerase chain reaction

Nowo wykryta arytmia komorowa u ozdrowieńca po chorobie koronawirusowej 2019

HLA-DRB1∗16:01 and HLA-DQB1∗05:02 Alleles Influence the Susceptibility and Progression of Cutaneous Malignant Melanoma

Class Ii sentence examples within glass ionomer cement

A prospective and randomized clinical trial evaluating the effectiveness of ART restorations with high-viscosity glass-ionomer cement versus conventional restorations with resin composite in Class II cavities of permanent teeth: two-year follow-up


Class Ii sentence examples within poor aqueous solubility

Processing Impact on In Vitro and In Vivo Performance of Solid Dispersions—A Comparison between Hot-Melt Extrusion and Spray Drying

Green Nanotechnology in the Formulation of a Novel Solid Dispersed Multilayered Core-Sheath Raloxifene-Loaded Nanofibrous Buccal Film; In Vitro and In Vivo Characterization

Class Ii sentence examples within maxillary molar distalization

Distalization of maxillary molars using temporary skeletal anchorage devices: A Systematic review and meta-analysis.

Use of artificial intelligence to predict outcomes of nonextraction treatment of Class II malocclusions

Class Ii sentence examples within receptor tyrosine kinase

Abstract 3039: Pediatric preclinical testing consortium evaluation of the dual SYK/FLT3 inhibitor TAK-659 in xenograft models of pediatric acute lymphoblastic leukemia

Anti-leukemic Activity of AIU2008 in FLT3-ITD-positive Acute Myeloid Leukemia

Class Ii sentence examples within surgical orthodontic treatment

Effects of Presurgical Mandibular Incisor Decompensation on Long-Term Outcomes of Class III Surgical Orthodontic Treatment

Treatment Option Criteria for Open Bite with Receiver Operating Characteristic Analysis—A Retrospective Study

Class Ii sentence examples within maxillary first premolar

Three-dimensional evaluation of the effects of injectable platelet rich fibrin (i-PRF) on alveolar bone and root length during orthodontic treatment: a randomized split mouth trial

Canine angulation and rotation during canine retraction using elastomeric chains with and without a power arm

Class Ii sentence examples within chronic kidney disease

Safety and outcomes of combined carbon dioxide angiography and OCT-guided femoro-popliteal chronic total occlusion crossing and directional atherectomy in patients with chronic kidney disease.

Prognostic predictors and echocardiographic time course after device replacement in patients treated chronically with cardiac resynchronization therapy devices

Class Ii sentence examples within serine threonine kinase

A Novel Salt Inducible Kinase 2 Inhibitor, ARN-3261, Sensitizes Ovarian Cancer Cell Lines and Xenografts to Carboplatin

Phosphoproteomic identification of ULK substrates reveals VPS15‐dependent ULK/VPS34 interplay in the regulation of autophagy

Class Ii sentence examples within 20 year old

Surgical treatment of a skeletal Class III patient using customized brackets based on the CAD/CAM virtual orthodontic system.

A segmental osteotomy with 3D virtual planning to move a malpositioned dental implant

Class Ii sentence examples within poor oral bioavailability

Oral Bioavailability Improvement of Tailored Rosuvastatin Loaded Niosomal Nanocarriers to Manage Ischemic Heart Disease: Optimization, Ex Vivo and In Vivo Studies.

New Peceol™/Span™ 60 Niosomes Coated with Chitosan for Candesartan Cilexetil: Perspective Increase in Absolute Bioavailability in Rats

Class Ii sentence examples within proliferative lupus nephritis

Patients with Proliferative Lupus Nephritis Have Autoantibodies That React to Moesin and Demonstrate Increased Glomerular Moesin Expression

Treatment Outcomes in Refractory Lupus Nephritis: Data From an Observational Study

Class Ii sentence examples within cross sectional study

Does maxillary advancement alter vocal acoustic parameters in class III skeletal patients?

Active Brown Adipose Tissue is Associated With a Healthier Metabolic Phenotype in Obesity

Class Ii sentence examples within inverted repeat transposable

Genome-Wide Identification of Miniature Inverted-Repeat Transposable Elements by Targeted High-Throughput Sequencing.

A Global Landscape of Miniature Inverted-Repeat Transposable Elements in the Carrot Genome

Class Ii sentence examples within soft tissue profile

Evaluation of the effects of maxillary expansion and protraction on facial soft tissue profile in unilateral cleft lip and palate patients using cone beam computed tomography

Soft Tissue Profile Changes in Patients With Class II malocclusion

Class Ii sentence examples within fatigue resistant device

Is there any enhanced treatment effect on class II growing patients when Forsus Fatigue Resistant Device is reinforced by either miniplates or miniscrews? A systematic review and meta-analysis.

Mandibular effects of temporary anchorage devices in Class II patients treated with Forsus Fatigue Resistant Devices: A systematic review

Class Ii sentence examples within type natriuretic peptide

Effects of Sacubitril-Valsartan in Heart Failure With Preserved Ejection Fraction in Patients Undergoing Peritoneal Dialysis

Efficacy and safety of esaxerenone in patients with hypertension and concomitant heart failure

Class Ii sentence examples within late mixed dentition

Comparison of Soft Tissue Changes Produced by Two Different Appliances on Mixed Dentition Children

Comparisons of costs and treatment effects-an RCT on headgear activator treatment of excessive overjet in the mixed and late mixed dentition.

Class Ii sentence examples within obstructive sleep apnea

Elevated clozapine levels and toxic effects after SARS-CoV-2 vaccination

High prevalence of obstructive sleep apnea in pregnant women with class III obesity: a prospective cohort study.

Class Ii sentence examples within advanced heart failure

Personalized treatments for depressive symptoms in patients with advanced heart failure: A pragmatic randomized controlled trial

Utilization of Subcutaneous Cardioverter-Defibrillator in Poland and Europe–Comparison of the Results of Multi-Center Registries

Class Ii