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Does Glomerular Filtration Rate at Discharge After Partial Nephrectomy Predict Long-Term Glomerular Filtration Rate Stability?

Abstract P4-10-18: Patterns of failure in a predominately black, inner city cohort of triple negative breast cancer patients at a single institution

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Influence of activity space on the association between neighborhood characteristics and dementia risk: results from the 3-City study cohort

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Treatment Patterns in Patients with Chronic-Phase Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia in Routine Clinical Practice: the SIMPLICITY Italian Population

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Dosage Effects in the Child-Parent Center PreK-to-3rd Grade Program: A Re-Analysis in the Chicago Longitudinal Study.

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A ten-year study of immunogenicity and safety of the AS04-HPV-16/18 vaccine in adolescent girls aged 10-14 years

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