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Environmental-friendly electrospun phase change fiber with exceptional thermal energy storage performance

Hybridizing rational designed hydrophobic PEG-based derivatives into nanoporous F–SiO2 as form-stable phase change materials for melt-spun PA6 phase change fibers with a superior washing durability

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Применение ионообменного волокна на стадии доочистки сточных вод гальванического производства

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Polyethylene glycol infused acid-etched halloysite nanotubes for melt-spun polyamide-based composite phase change fibers

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Improvement of protein binding capacity of acrylic-acid-grafted fibers by polymer root-to-brush shift

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72-Hour in vivo evaluation of nitric oxide generating artificial lung gas exchange fibers in sheep.

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Nanofibrous Kevlar Aerogel Threads for Thermal Insulation in Harsh Environments.

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Polyamine and amidoxime groups modified bifunctional polyacrylonitrile-based ion exchange fibers for highly efficient extraction of U(VI) from real uranium mine water

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Synthesis of Highly Durable Sulfonated Polyketone Fibers by Direct Sulfonation Reaction and Their Adsorption Properties for Heavy Metals

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Novel functional fiber loaded with carbon dots for the deep removal of Cr(VI) by adsorption and photocatalytic reduction.

Accumulations of von Willebrand factor within ECMO oxygenators: Potential indicator of coagulation abnormalities in critically ill patients?

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Особенности сорбционного извлечения метаналя волокнистым ионообменником ФИБАН А-5W

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