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A Hybrid Approach for Cardiac Blood Flow Vortex Ring Identification Based on Optical Flow and Lagrangian Averaged Vorticity Deviation

Enjeux juridiques propres au modèle émergent des patients accompagnateurs dans les milieux de soins au Québec (Legal Issues Arising from the Emerging Model of Accompanying Patients in the Quebec Healthcare System)

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A Computational framework to design optimally loaded supercavitating hydrofoils by differential evolution algorithm and a new viscous lifting line method

Convolutional neural network driven design optimization of acoustic metamaterial microstructures

Empowering communities with health promotion labs: result from a CBPR programme in Malmö, Sweden.

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Preliminary efficacy of a community-based, group-mediated cognitive behavioral lifestyle intervention among breast cancer survivors.

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Eyewitness identification procedures: Do researchers and practitioners share the same goals?

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The Occupational Risk Assessment Method: A Tool to Improve Organizational Resilience in the Context of Occupational Health and Safety Management

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An Evaluation Of A Linguistically Motivated Conversational Software Agent Framework

On the Potential for Open-Endedness in Neural Networks

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PEDIA: prioritization of exome data by image analysis

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A Graph Pattern Based Approach for Automatic Decomposition of IoT Aware Business Processes

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