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Effects of a Forested State Park on Suspended Solid and Dissolved Organic Carbon Concentrations in an Agriculturally Impacted Watershed

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Individual performances and biochemical pathways as altered by field-realistic exposures of current-use fungicides and their mixtures in a non-target species, Gammarus fossarum.

Full-Scale Manipulation of the Empty Bed Contact Time to Optimize Dissolved Organic Matter Removal by Drinking Water Biofilters

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Direct and indirect photodegradation of atrazine and S-metolachlor in agriculturally impacted surface water and associated C and N isotope fractionation

The use of epilithic diatoms grown on artificial substrata to indicate water quality changes in the lower reaches of the St Lucia Estuary, South Africa

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Environmental filtering of native and non-native stream macrophyte assemblages by habitat disturbances in an agricultural landscape.

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Soil organic carbon fractions and humic substances are affected by land uses of Caatinga forest in Brazil

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