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Inovasi Produk Ukm Putri Timus Melalui Timus Frozen

Effects of Fineness and Chemical Composition of Blast Furnace Slag on Properties of Alkali-Activated Binder

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A case report on potential postmortem redistribution of furanyl fentanyl and 4-ANPP.

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An ear-attached accelerometer as an on-farm device to predict the onset of calving in dairy cows

Stereochemistry, lipid length and branching influences Mincle agonist activity of monoacylglycerides.

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P258 Evaluation of the feasibility of providing patients with a self-management COPD toolkit for breathlessness – ‘breath-in-a-Bag’

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A mesophilic cysteine-less split intein for protein trans-splicing applications under oxidizing conditions

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Development of a process for the concentration of the strategic tantalum and niobium oxides from tin slags

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