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Accidents Caused sentence examples within Traffic Accidents Caused

A Study on the Analysis of Falling Objects from Vehicle Accidents through AI Learning-Based Keyword Analysis

Lane Offset Survey for One-Lane Horizontal Curvatures Using Binocular Stereo Vision Measurement System

Accidents Caused sentence examples within Safety Accidents Caused

Detection algorithm of safety helmet wearing based on deep learning

Research and Application of Special Control Procedure Management for Construction Safety

Accidents Caused sentence examples within Road Accidents Caused

Speed Management Strategy: Designing an IoT-Based Electric Vehicle Speed Control Monitoring System

Design optimisation of adaptive head lights

Accidents Caused sentence examples within Prevent Accidents Caused

A security scheme based on blockchain and a hybrid cryptosystem to reduce packet loss in IoV

Road Accident Prevention by Detecting Drowsiness & Ensure Safety Issues

Accidents Caused sentence examples within Work Accidents Caused

Automation of occupational safety and health (K3) electricity based on internet of things (IoT)

Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (Hira) Analysis of Nanotechnology Laboratory in Universities in Indonesia

Accidents Caused sentence examples within Reduce Accidents Caused

Arduino based LPG Leakage Detection and Prevention System

Implementation of Public Facilities Quick Response Program in Sukabumi City

Accidents Caused sentence examples within Avoid Accidents Caused

Respiration Monitoring With RFID in Driving Environments

Phytomedicines: Synergistic and antagonistic phytometabolites-drug interactions

Accidents Caused sentence examples within Fatal Accidents Caused

Optimization Model for the Pavement Pothole Repair Problem Considering Consumable Resources

Smart Surveillance of Driver Using Machine Learning

Accidents Caused sentence examples within Vehicle Accidents Caused

Designing a Comprehensive Cyber Security System under Connected and Automated E-Mobility Network Environment

602 Concomitant Pediatric Burns and Craniomaxillofacial Trauma: A Pediatric Burn Center’s Experience over 20 Years

Accidents Caused sentence examples within Medical Accidents Caused

[Message from clinical nursing: what to do in basic nursing education for safe medication].

Prediction of the service life of surgical instruments from the surgical instrument management system log using radio frequency identification

Accidents Caused sentence examples within Reducing Accidents Caused

Enhancing Maritime Crew Resource Management Training by Applying Resilience Engineering: A Case Study of the Bachelor Maritime Officer Training Programme in Rotterdam

Simulation and Development of Rogowski Coil for Lightning Current Measurement

Accidents Caused sentence examples within Potential Accidents Caused

CAD3: Edge-facilitated Real-time Collaborative Abnormal Driving Distributed Detection

Flow Structures of Submerged Gas Jet in Liquid Currents

Accidents Caused sentence examples within Marine Accidents Caused

Fundamental Research for Video-Integrated Collision Prediction and Fall Detection System to Support Navigation Safety of Vessels

Evaluation of the Efficiency of Maritime Transport Using a Network Slacks-Based Measure (SBM) Approach: A Case Study on the Korean Coastal Ferry Market

Accidents Caused sentence examples within Flight Accidents Caused

Overview of surfing aircraft vortices for energy

Identification of Pilots’ Fatigue Status Based on Electrocardiogram Signals

Accidents Caused sentence examples within Railway Accidents Caused

Ensuring Safety of Industrial Cargo by Rail Transportation at the Mining Enterprises

Intrusion detection of railway clearance from infrared images using generative adversarial networks

Accidents Caused sentence examples within Fire Accidents Caused

Root Reason for the Failure of a Practical Zn-Ni Battery: Shape Changing Caused by Uneven Current Distribution and Zn Dissolution.

Experimental and modeling analysis of jet flow and fire dynamics of 18650-type lithium-ion battery

Accidents Caused sentence examples within Seriou Accidents Caused

Study on safety management of guy wires in the construction of UHV (EHV) transmission lines

Research on Early Warning of Small Leakage Faults in Primary Circuit Based on Data Mining

Accidents Caused sentence examples within Avoiding Accidents Caused

A Reinforcement Learning Framework for Video Frame-Based Autonomous Car-Following

Size and Location Diagnosis of Rolling Bearing Faults: An Approach of Kernel Principal Component Analysis and Deep Belief Network

Accidents Caused sentence examples within Industrial Accidents Caused

Analysis of industrial accidents causing through jamming or crushing accidental deaths in the manufacturing industry in South Korea: Focus on non-routine work on machinery

Characteristics of forklift accidents in korean industrial sites.

Accidents Caused sentence examples within Trip Accidents Caused

Research on transmission line trip prediction based on logistic regression algorithm under icing condition

Lightning Shielding Failure Analysis of High Voltage Transmission Lines Based on Leading Development Model

Accidents Caused sentence examples within Major Accidents Caused

Current PHM Surveys for Mechanical Engineering

Model-based zero emission safety concept for reactors with exothermal reactions for chemical plants

Self-Driving Vehicles—an Ethical Overview

Industrial Protection System using Arduino and IoT

Design Cost Control in Risk Management with the Expected Money Value (Emv) and Hirarc Method at Pt Xyz Jawa Timur Surabaya

The Readiness of the Maritime Education for the Autonomous Shipping Operations

Epidemiology of accidents involving venomous animals in the State of Ceará, Brazil (2007-2019)

Automated Pneumatic Braking and Bumper System

Automobile Drivers Distraction Avoiding System Using Galvanic Skin Responses

Smart System to Detect a Lethargic Driver and Parking the Car to Avoid Accidents

Analysis of bus performance on the risk of traffic accidents in East Java-Indonesia

The Study on Extraction of Falling Rock Source Using Aerial Laser Data to Improve the Efficiency of Falling Rock Measures

Using Image Processing Techniques to Increase Safety in Shooting Ranges

Smart Vehicle Accident Detection System

Scorpionicidal activity of secondary metabolites from Paecilomyces sp. CMAA1686 against Tityus serrulatus.

Bayesian Method for Water Quality Emergency Monitoring in Environmental Pollution Accident Disposal.

Nonlinear Wind-Induced Response Analysis of Substation Down-Conductor System

Analyzing influencing factors of crash injury severity incorporating FARS data

Response to a letter to the editor by Dong et al.

Risk Analysis and Accident Causes of Mobile Phone Charger

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Accidents Caused 造成的意外

Accidents Caused 造成的意外
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