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Assessment of near-shore currents from CryoSat-2 satellite in the Gulf of Cádiz using HF radar-derived current observations

Interannual Salinity Variability in the Tropical Pacific in CMIP5 Simulations

Zonal Current sentence examples within Subsurface Zonal Current

ENSO Dynamics in the E3SM-1-0, CESM2, and GFDL-CM4 Climate Models

On the seasonal and inter-annual variability of the equatorial Indian Ocean surface winds

Zonal Current sentence examples within Strong Zonal Current

Large-scale state and evolution of the atmosphere and ocean during PISTON 2018

Atlantic equatorial deep jets in Argo float data

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Blue-shifted Deep Ocean Currents in the Equatorial Indian Ocean

Semiannual Variability of Middepth Zonal Currents along 5°N in the Eastern Indian Ocean: Characteristics and Causes

Simulated zonal current characteristics in the southeastern tropical Indian Ocean (SETIO)

A Quantitative Scaling Theory for Meridional Heat Transport in Planetary Atmospheres and Oceans

Effect of tropical instability waves on the eastern tropical Pacific basin: damping of TIWs in a high-resolution ocean circulation model

Evaluation of intraseasonal wind rectification on recent Indian Ocean dipole events using LICOM

Horizontal energy flux of wind-driven intraseasonal waves in the tropical Atlantic by a unified diagnosis

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Similarities and Contrasts in Stationary Striations of Surface Tracers in Pacific Eastern Boundary Upwelling Systems

Phenomenon of the Asian Monsoon Penetrating to Northern Asia

Numerical Simulation of Internal Wave Attractors in Horizontally Elongated Domains with Sloping Boundaries

A preliminary study on an upper ocean heat and salt content of the western Pacific warm pool region

Seasonal Variability of the Southern Tip of the Oxygen Minimum Zone in the Eastern South Pacific (30°-38°S): A Modeling Study

Zooplankton biomass around marine protected islands in the tropical Atlantic Ocean

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Amazon River plume influence on Western Tropical Atlantic dynamic variability

Statistical Analysis of Coastal Currents from HF Radar Along the North-Western Bay of Bengal

Exact solution and instability for geophysical waves at arbitrary latitude

Instability of Nonlinear Wave–Current Interactions in a Modified Equatorial $$\beta $$β-Plane Approximation

Ensemble based regional ocean data assimilation system for the Indian Ocean: Implementation and evaluation

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Zonal Current 구역 전류

Zonal Current 구역 전류
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