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Construction and Photoluminescent Properties of Schiff-Base Macrocyclic Mono-/Di-/Trinuclear ZnII Complexes with the Common 2-Ethylthiophene Pendant Arm.

Curtis reactions with Zn complexes derived from 2-(Aminomethyl)Benzimidazole

Halogen bonded lamellar motifs in crystals of Schiff base ZnII–LnIII–ZnII coordination compounds – Synthesis, structure, Hirshfeld surface analysis and physicochemical properties

Chiral Zinc(II)-Catalyzed Enantioselective Tandem α-Alkenyl Addition/Proton Shift Reaction of Silyl Enol Ethers with Ketimines.

Chasing BODIPY: Enhancement of Luminescence in Homoleptic Bis(dipyrrinato) ZnII Complexes Utilizing Symmetric and Unsymmetrical Dipyrrins.

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Znii Complexes Znii 복합체

Znii Complexes Znii 복합체
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