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Long term outcomes of biomaterial-mediated repair of focal cartilage defects in a large animal model.

Marked differences in local bone remodeling in response to different marrow stimulation techniques in a large animal

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The effect of neonatal, juvenile, and adult donors on rejuvenated neocartilage functional properties.

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A pilot study to establish an ovalbumin-induced atopic dermatitis minipig model

Spinal Nerve Tolerance to Single-Session Stereotactic Ablative Radiation Therapy.

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5: 3D Transglutaminase Fibronectin Hydrogel Therapy Improves the Healing of Chronic Irradiated Porcine Skin Wounds

Characterization of Lower Urinary Tract Dysfunction after Thoracic Spinal Cord Injury in Yucatan Mini-Pigs.

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Bridge-Enhanced Anterior Cruciate Ligament Repair Leads to Greater Limb Asymmetry and Less Cartilage Damage Than Untreated ACL Transection or ACL Reconstruction in the Porcine Model

Single bilateral ovarian venous return in uterine transplant: Validation in an orthotopic auto-transplant model in the Yucatan minipig.

Bone Morphogenetic Protein-2 Rapidly Heals Two Distinct Critical Sized Segmental Diaphyseal Bone Defects in a Porcine Model.

QS10: Morphological Changes Of Skin Related To Acellular Dermal Matrix Incorporation In Tissue Expansion

The evaluation of a multiphasic 3D-bioplotted scaffold seeded with adipose derived stem cells to repair osteochondral defects in a porcine model.

Lenvatinib halts aortic aneurysm growth by restoring smooth muscle cell contractility

Mucocutaneous Squamous Cell Carcinoma in a Yucatan Minipig.

Overground Gait Kinematics and Muscle Activation Patterns in the Yucatan Mini Pig

Dichotomous Locomotor Recoveries Are Predicted by Acute Changes in Segmental Blood Flow after Thoracic Spinal Contusion Injuries in Pigs.

Locomotion and eating behavior changes in Yucatan minipigs after unilateral radio-induced ablation of the caudate nucleus

Mechanobiology of bone and suture - Results from a pig model.

Stabilization and transdermal delivery of an investigational peptide using MicroCor® solid-state dissolving microstructure arrays.

A Porcine Model of Peripheral Nerve Injury Enabling Ultra-Long Regenerative Distances: Surgical Approach, Recovery Kinetics, and Clinical Relevance

Obesity Development in a Miniature Yucatan Pig Model: A Multi-compartmental Metabolomics Study on Cloned and Normal Pigs Fed Restricted or Ad Libitum High-Energy Diets.

Novel Swine Model of Colonic Diverticulosis.

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Yucatan Minipig 유카탄 미니피그

Yucatan Minipig 유카탄 미니피그
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