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Scarred for life: Lasting consequences of unemployment and informal self-employment

Understanding Union Commitment Among Young Workers: A Cross-Theoretical Perspective

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An Investigation of Employment Choice in the Rural Sector of Pakistan

The Subjective Perception of Employment Instability: Is It Bad to Be Unstable?

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Scars that Never Heal: Dualisation and Youth Employment Policies in Spain from the Great Recession to the Corona Crisis

Interventions for return to work following work-related injuries among young adults: A systematic literature review.

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Scarred for life: Lasting consequences of unemployment and informal self-employment

Hysteresis from employer subsidies

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Sustainable work for health and job longevity

Queen Egg Laying and Egg Hatching Abilities are Hindered in Subterranean Termite Colonies When Exposed to a Chitin Synthesis Inhibitor Bait Formulation.

Combined Effects of Pesticides and Electromagnetic-Fields on Honeybees: Multi-Stress Exposure

Extending social security to trainees in Spain, France and Germany: A tale of segmentation

Assessing disabling and non-disabling injuries and illnesses using accepted workers compensation claims data to prioritize industries of high risk for Oregon young workers.

Financial Frictions and the Non-Distortionary Effects of Delayed Taxation

Can Insurance Integration Influence Labor Migration? Evidence from China’s Urban-Rural Resident Medical Insurance Reform

Protecting Young Agricultural Workers: The Development of an Online Supervisor Training.

Enhancement of Apis mellifera L. Hypopharyngeal Gland using Hyphaene thebaica Ethanolic Extract as Supplement.

Youth Underemployment in Sulawesi

Down and out? The gendered impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on India’s labour market


China’s Export Slowdown and Employment Adjustment in Local Labor Market

Sublethal effects of Isoclast™ Active (50% sulfoxaflor water dispersible granules) on larval and adult worker honey bees (Apis mellifera L.).

Flying below the Radar: Psychoactive Drug Use among Young Male Construction Workers in Sydney, Australia

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Justice Across Ages

Extreme heat and occupational injuries in different climate zones: A systematic review and meta-analysis of epidemiological evidence.

Extreme lifespan extension in tapeworm-infected ant workers

Too big to succeed? Overstaffing in firms

Value-driven fears of modern information generations

Refugees at Work: The Preventative Role of Psychosocial Safety Climate against Workplace Harassment, Discrimination and Psychological Distress

Evaluation of an Online Training for Supervisors of Young Agricultural Workers

Feeling Older can be Advantageous: A Study on Generativity, Meaning in Work and Life Satisfaction in Israeli Workplaces

Agglomeration economies, congestion diseconomies, and fertility dynamics in a two-region economy

Engineering competences of university graduates: view of employers and young specialists

Educational and Employment Outcomes among Young Australians with a History of Depressive Symptoms: A Prospective Cohort Study

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More Young Workers 젊은 노동자 sentence examples

Dinamika Pekerja Muda Outsourcing: Kegembiraan dan Kerentanan Menuju Risiko Masa Depan

Prevalence of tachyphagia at lunch and associated factors in a population of workers

Identifying the “Active Ingredients” of a School-Based, Workplace Safety and Health Training Intervention

Patterns and prevalence of daily tobacco smoking in Australia by industry and occupation: 2007-2016.

Who Gets Their First Job at a Large Firm? The Distinct Roles of Education and Skills

Sickness absence due to common mental disorders in young employees in Sweden: are there differences in occupational class and employment sector?

Depression, Healthcare Utilization, Missed Work, and Health Behaviors among U.S. Young Workers: Data from the 2015 National Health Interview Survey.

A Comparison of Safety, Health, and Well-Being Risk Factors Across Five Occupational Samples

Fourth Industrial Revolution and Future of Work in Asia

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Young Workers 젊은 노동자

Young Workers 젊은 노동자
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