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Influences on contraceptive method choice among adolescent women across urban centers in Nigeria: a qualitative study

Gender, violence and cultures of silence: young women and paramilitary violence

From stay-at-home women to career-minded women: the Istanbul YWCA, 1919–1930

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Understanding Gender-Based Violence Prevention among Young Women : Youth Workers Perspective?

Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health Counselling in Relation to Female Genital Cutting: Swedish Professionals’ Approach to Menstrual Pain as an Empirical Example

Continuing Medical Education

Completed suicide and gender equality: Sex and age specific five-year data from Turkey

Arm Morbidity After Local Therapy for Young Breast Cancer Patients

Tanning Misinformation Posted by Businesses on Social Media and Related Perceptions of Adolescent and Young Adult White Non-Hispanic Women: Mixed Methods Study

Do oral contraceptives affect young women’s memory? Dopamine-dependent working memory is influenced by COMT genotype, but not time of pill ingestion

Contraceptive and abortion practices of young Ghanaian women aged 15–24: evidence from a nationally representative survey

O16.5 Young Women Rising: Connecting Young Women Living with HIV in the UK

Accessing and Engaging with Antenatal Care: An Interview Study of Teenage Women

How Can E-Cigarette Fear Appeals Improve the Perceived Threat, Fear, Anger, and Protection Motivation of Young People

Fresher with flavour: young women smokers’ constructions and experiences of menthol capsule cigarettes and regular cigarettes

How Religion, Social Class, and Race Intersect in the Shaping of Young Women’s Understandings of Sex, Reproduction, and Contraception

Mediastinal mixed germ cell tumor: A case report and literature review

Impact of an Educational Tool on Young Women’s Knowledge of Cervical Cancer Screening Recommendations

Positive psychology as a counterweight to youth economic deprivation

The Social and Solidarity Economy: An Opportunity for Young Women’s Work Transitions

“It is painful and unpleasant”: experiences of sexual violence among married adolescent girls in Shinyanga, Tanzania

Young Women’s Body Attitudes and Sexual Satisfaction: Examining Dehumanization and Communication as Serial Multiple Mediators

Accessing and engaging with antenatal care: an interview study of teenage women

Promoting the Empowerment of Young Saudi Women through digital art Events in Light of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s 2030

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Integrative oncology therapy for adverse treatment effects in young women with breast cancer.

Application of Artificial Neural Network to Somatotype Determination

Effects of emotion-related stereotype messages on young women’s experience and expression of emotion

Young Adult Women’s Aspirations for Education and Career in Qatar: Active Resistance to Gendered Power

From hooking up to staying in? Women negotiating appropriate sexuality in nightlife with age

Navigating Changing Norms Around Sex in Dating Relationships: A Qualitative Study of Young People in Vietnam

Love, sex, drugs and women’s sub-optimal adherence to MDR-TB treatment in South Africa: Opportunities for enhanced health education

Aspiring for Change: Ethiopian Women’s Labor Migration to the Middle East

The Perry Initiative’s Impact on Gender Diversity Within Orthopedic Education

Black Girls Swim

Fitness Blogging as a New Social Practice and Its Implications for Young Women’s Mental Health

Coaching strategies in vocational orientation for promoting young women’s self-concept and career aspirations in chemistry

Realising sexual and reproductive health and rights of adolescent girls and young women living in slums in Uganda: a qualitative study

The mHealth Development of an Evidence-Based HIV Risk-Reduction Intervention for Young African American Women in the US South (Preprint)

A Winter in Bath, 1796-97: Life Writing and the Irish Adolescent Self

Formal and informal sources of sexual information predict women’s sexual self-schema

Barriers and strategies for cervical cancer screening: What do female university students know and want?

Towards an understanding of Colombia’s demobilized young women: a person-centered approach

A Qualitative Study of Young Women’s Abusive First Relationships: What Factors Shape their Process of Disclosure?

Young women in Morocco: Perceptions about participation in the public sphere and gender equality

Suicide and mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic in Japan

Exploring Future Narratives and the Materialities of Futures. Material Methods in Qualitative Interviews with Young Women

Factors associated with the knowledge of obstetric danger signs, and perceptions of the need for obstetric care amongst married young women in northern Nigeria

Examining the impact of daily exposure to body-positive and fitspiration Instagram content on young women’s mood and body image: An intensive longitudinal study:

A Cross-Sectional Quantitative Study on Sexual and Reproductive Health Knowledge and Access to Services of Arab and Kurdish Syrian Refugee Young Women Living in an Urban Setting in Lebanon


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