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Young grapevines exhibit interspecific differences in hydraulic response to freeze stress but not in recovery

Effects of treated wastewater irrigation on the establishment of young grapevines.

Use of phosphorus fertilization and mycorrhization as strategies for reducing copper toxicity in young grapevines

Morphological Root Responses and Molecular Regulation of Cation Transporters Are Differently Affected by Copper Toxicity and Cropping System Depending on the Grapevine Rootstock Genotype

Aşılı Asma Fidanlarına Farklı Yöntemlerle Uygulanan Mikorizaların, Söküm Dönemi Fidan Performansına Etkileri (Vitis vinifera L.)

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Young Grapevines 어린 포도나무

Young Grapevines 어린 포도나무
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