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Media Arts in Early Childhood: A Framework for Developing Young Children’s Creative Participation in the Digital World

Implementing Inclusive Education In Early Childhood Settings: The Interplay and Impact of Exclusion, Teacher Qualities and Professional Development in Ghana

Young Childrens sentence examples within shared book reading

The Impact of COVID-19 on Families’ Home Literacy Practices with Young Children

The Impact of COVID-19 on Families’ Home Literacy Practices with Young Children

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Musical learning as a contributing factor in the development of socio-emotional competence in children aged 4 and 5: an Exploratory study in a naturalistic context

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Affordability of nutritious foods for complementary feeding in South Asia

‘Uncharted territory’: teachers’ perspectives on play in early childhood classrooms in Ireland during the pandemic

Fostering socio-emotional learning through early childhood intervention

Relationships heal: Reducing harsh parenting and child abuse potential with relationship-based parent-infant home visiting

Videogame exposure positively associates with selective attention in a cross-sectional sample of young children

The Coding Stages Assessment: development and validation of an instrument for assessing young children’s proficiency in the ScratchJr programming language

Testing the effects of a prenatal depression preventive intervention on parenting and young children’s self-regulation and functioning (EPIC): protocol for a longitudinal observational study

Early Childhood Caries and Primary Caregiver Oral Health Literacy in Western Australia: a Systematic Scoping Review

Peer Victimisation in Early Childhood; Observations of Participant Roles and Sex Differences

Structural Relationship among Parent’s Play Participation, Young Children’s Playfulness, Self-regulation and Happiness

Investigation of the Motor Skills Assessments of Typically Developing Preschool Children in China

Young Children Learning to Code: A Digital Technologies Framework for the Early Years

Romi: Screen Peripheral Companion for Mediating Children’s Healthy Screen Use

Preschool Teachers’ training, beliefs and practices concerning mathematics in pre-schools in the UK: implication for education and practice

Activating Factors Of The Community Based Education Network By Region Type For Improving Young Children’s Character

The Role of Sleep in Young Children’s Development: A Review

Can you hear me? Young children’s understanding of environmental issues

A Study of Young Children’s Coordinated Movement—The Effects of a Rhythmic-Play Exercise Program on Physical-Expression Ability

Research With Young Multilingual Children Through Child-Centered Interview Activities

A learning trajectory in Kindergarten and first grade students’ thinking of variable and use of variable notation to represent indeterminate quantities

Music in the lives of young children

Elementary students learning science in an MR environment by constructing liminal blends through action on props

Design of an Assistive Robot for Infant Mobility Interventions


Supporting Young Children Exposed to Potentially Traumatic Events: Implications for Early Care and Education Policy

Masking Emotions: Face Masks Impair How We Read Emotions

A Brief Review of Young Children’s Home Digital Literacy Practices

Using technology in young children mathematical learning: a didactic perspective

Enhancing children’s numerical skills through a play-based intervention at kindergarten and at home: a quasi-experimental study

Participation patterns and predictors of participation in preschool children with developmental disability

Children’s Flexible Attention to Numerical and Spatial Magnitudes in Early Childhood

Characterizing an information environment for supporting learning

The implementation of early science education in preschool teachers’ initial teacher education. A survey of teacher educators about their aims, practices and challenges in teaching science

The Effects of COVID-19 on Young Children’s and Their Parents’ Activities at Home

Teaching Young Children Early Mathematics through Music and Movement

High-dose electronic media use in five-year-olds and its association with their psychosocial symptoms: a cohort study

The Impact of Coding Apps to Support Young Children in Computational Thinking and Computational Fluency. A Literature Review

Backyard benefits? A cross-sectional study of yard size and greenness and children’s physical activity and outdoor play

Investigating Young Children’s Social Interactions During Digital Play

Sound Quality Characteristics of Importance for Preschool Children’s Perception and Wellbeing After an Acoustic Intervention

What Factors Predict the Use of Coercive Food Parenting Practices among Mothers of Young Children? An Examination of Food Literacy, Disordered Eating and Parent Demographics

Developmentally Appropriate Practice and Music Education in the Primary School

Racial Stereotype Application in 4- to 8-Year-Old White American Children: Emergence and Specificity

Impacts of the New Mexico PreK initiative by children’s race/ethnicity

“Sound” civics, heard histories: A critical case of young children mobilizing digital media to write (right) injustice

Parents’ Perceptions of Educational Apps Use for Kindergarten Children: Development and Validation of a New Instrument (PEAU-p) and Exploration of Parents’ Profiles

Preservice teachers’ beliefs about young children’s technology use at home

A Study on Disease Management of Iron Deficiency Anemia in Adolescent Girls

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Young Childrens 어린 아이들

Young Childrens 어린 아이들
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