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Sun-health behaviours and attitudes towards sun safety amongst Australian teenagers: a qualitative update

268An online survey of sexual health, knowledge and behaviour of young South Australians

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Associations between indicators of energy intake and expenditure with excess weight and obesity among women in sedentary and less-sedentary jobs.

Generational differences in the prevalence of postpartum depression among young Australians: a comparison of two cohorts born 17 years apart

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Individual, social–environmental and physical–environmental correlates of diet quality in young adults aged 18–30 years

The Association Between Different Trajectories of Low Back Pain and Degenerative Imaging Findings in Young Adult Participants within The Raine Study.

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Dismantling the Deadlock: Australian Muslim Women’s Fightback against the Rise of Right-Wing Media

Can Islamophobia in the media serve Islamic state propaganda: The Australian case, 2014-2015?

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‘It’s literally giving them a solution in their hands’: the views of young Australians towards patient-delivered partner therapy for treating chlamydia

Intimations of masculinities among young male sports bettors

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Preschool children’s preferences for sedentary activity relates to parent’s restrictive rules around active outdoor play

Human biomonitoring in Australian children: Brominated flame retardants decrease from 2006 to 2015.

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Sun-health behaviours and attitudes towards sun safety amongst Australian teenagers: a qualitative update

Patterns of Carriage of Prescribed Adrenaline Autoinjectors in 10- to 14-Year-Old Food-Allergic Students: A Population-Based Study.

Are young Australians turning away from democracy?

A New Adulthood

Link between antidepressant use and youth suicide?

Modelling rheumatic heart disease progression in australia using disease register data linked to administrative records

Psychosocial predictors of binge-drinking residual harm in adolescence and young adulthood: Findings from the Australian Temperament Project.

The Contribution of Foods Prepared Outside the Home to the Diets of 18- to 30-Year-Old Australians: The MYMeals Study

Are work experience participants protected against sex discrimination or sexual harassment?

Examining the Relationship Between Alienation and Radicalization into Violent Extremism

Cause for concern: Australian youth engaged with alcohol and other drug services are falling behind our community progress in reducing tobacco use.

Factors Predicting Trial Engagement, Treatment Satisfaction, and Health-Related Quality of Life During a Web-Based Treatment and Social Networking Trial for Binge Drinking and Depression in Young Adults: Secondary Analysis of a Randomized Controlled Trial

Changes in mental health and help-seeking among young Australian adults during the COVID-19 pandemic: a prospective cohort study

David Malouf’s Fly Away Peter (1982)

Demoralization in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic: Whereto the future for young Australians?

Consent a low bar: the case for a human rights approach to relationships and sexuality education

Development of the Niggle App for Supporting Young People on Their Dynamic Journey to Well-being: Co-design and Qualitative Research Study

Reliability and Validity of a Carbohydrate-Counting Knowledge Questionnaire for Young Australians With Type 1 Diabetes.

Improving the mental health of young people in tertiary education settings

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Playing in the Streets: How Re-engaging Children with the Suburban Street-Scape Can Effect Change in Overweight and Obesity Patterns in Australia

Participatory Practices and Political Knowledge: How Motivational Inequality Moderates the Effects of Formal Participation on Knowledge.

Concussion risk and suicide prevention: balancing the risks and benefits of youth sport

The barriers and enablers to achieving adequate calcium intake in young adults: a qualitative study using focus groups.

Trends in self-poisoning and psychotropic drug use in people aged 5–19 years: a population-based retrospective cohort study in Australia

Australian schools as deliberative spaces: framing the goal of active and informed citizenship

Children’s news in Australia: content for young readers in Crinkling News

Sexting, Web-Based Risks, and Safety in Two Representative National Samples of Young Australians: Prevalence, Perspectives, and Predictors

The evolution of learning: Post-pedagogical lessons for the future university

Personalized dosing of ixekizumab for psoriasis

The [im]possibility of planning a future: how prolonged precarious employment during transitions affects the lives of young Australians

Post-school aspirations in regional Australia: an examination of the role of cultural and social capital

TRIZ thinking heuristics to nurture future generations of creative engineers

A comparison of longitudinal modelling approaches: Alcohol and cannabis use from adolescence to young adulthood.

Study Protocol: 6th National Survey of Australian Secondary Students and Adolescent Sexual Health, 2018

Young Australian 젊은 호주인

Young Australian 젊은 호주인
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