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Faraday rotation constraints on large scale Halo model

Current research developments of electromagnetic joining technology in China-A review

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Building structures thermal calculation

Quantitative Inspection of Complex-Shaped Parts Based on Ice-Coupled Ultrasonic Full Waveform Inversion Technology

Influence of Powder Bed Temperature on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Ti-6Al-4V Alloy Fabricated via Laser Powder Bed Fusion

Search for Line-like and Box-shaped Spectral Features from Nearby Galaxy Clusters with 11.4 Years of Fermi Large Area Telescope Data

X-shaped structure of bacterial heterotetrameric tRNA synthetase suggests cryptic prokaryote functions and a rationale for synthetase classifications

Calculation of the improved steel beams of buildings and structures of the mining and metallurgical complex

The superplastic forming/diffusion bonding and mechanical property of TA15 alloy for four‐layer hollow structure with squad grid

Synthetic Image Generation Using the Finite Element Method and Blender Graphics Program for Modeling of Vision-Based Measurement Systems

Modal analysis of a complex shell structure under operational loads

An innovative X-shaped vibration isolation mount with tunable quasi-zero-stiffness property

Highly uniform polycrystalline diamond coatings of three-dimensional structures

A nonlinear X-shaped structure based tuned mass damper with multi-variable optimization (X-absorber)

Alginate/Gelatin Hydrogels Reinforced with TiO2 and β-TCP Fabricated by Microextrusion-based Printing for Tissue Regeneration

Optimized dynamic line scanning thermography for aircraft structures

Robocasting of reaction bonded silicon carbide structures

Laser welding of precipitation strengthened Ni-rich NiTiHf high temperature shape memory alloys: Microstructure and mechanical properties

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X Shaped Structure X자형 구조

X Shaped Structure X자형 구조
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