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X Ray Spectra sentence examples within scanning electron microscopy

Comparative Study on Micromechanical Properties of ZnO:Ga and ZnO:In Luminiscent Ceramics

Low Surface Energy Polyurethane Coatings Based on Acrylic Copolymer and Polyisocyanate Modified with an Organosilicon Block Copolymer

X Ray Spectra sentence examples within scanning electron microscope

Chemical, Electrochemical and Quantum Chemical Studies for Famotidine Drug as a Safe Corrosion Inhibitor for α-Brass in HCl Solution

Thiol/methylthio-functionalized porous aromatic frameworks for simultaneous capture of aromatic pollutants and Hg(II) from water.

X Ray Spectra sentence examples within active galactic nuclei

A Study of the Soft X-Ray Emission Lines in NGC 4151. II. The Internal Plasma Properties

Magnetohydrodynamic Winds Driven by the Line Force from the Standard Thin Disk around Supermassive Black Holes. I. The Case of Weak Magnetic Field

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X Ray Spectra sentence examples within transmission electron microscopy

Investigation of the nitride phase in a heat-resistant alloy of the Ni – Co – W – Ti system, hardened by internal nitration

The Influence of Scandium on the Composition and Structure of the Ti-Al Alloy Obtained by “Hydride Technology”

X Ray Spectra sentence examples within ray photoelectron spectroscopy

Ball milling modification of perovskite LaNiO3 powders for enhancing electrochemical pseudocapacitor

X-Ray Spectroscopy of Cobaltites

Nondestructive Microanalysis of Thin-Film Coatings on Historic Metal Threads.

Long-term X-ray observations of seyfert 1 galaxy ark 120: on the origin of soft-excess

Charge Carrier Screening in Photoexcited Epitaxial Semiconductor Nanorods Revealed by Transient X-ray Absorption Linear Dichroism

Fabrication of dimensional hydrophilic TiO2 nanostructured surfaces by hydrothermal method

X-Ray Spectra and Multiwavelength Machine Learning Classification for Likely Counterparts to Fermi 3FGL Unassociated Sources

Impact of the Spectral Composition of Kilovoltage X-rays on High-Z Nanoparticle-Assisted Dose Enhancement

Demonstration of Geometric Effects and Resonant Scattering in the X-Ray Spectra of High-Energy-Density Plasmas.

X-ray transient absorption reveals the 1Au (nπ*) state of pyrazine in electronic relaxation

Black shale ore of Big Karatau is a raw material source of rare and rare earth elements

The Influence of Electron-Beam Treatment on the Structure of a TiNi Powder Alloy Obtained by Calcium-Hydride Reduction

Structural and spectral properties of a non-classical C58 isomer and its fluorinated derivatives in theory

Nitrogen X-ray absorption in the local ISM

Dynamic x-ray detectors for high-energy-density experiments in high density

The dispersal of protoplanetary discs – II: photoevaporation models with observationally derived irradiating spectra

Soft X-Ray Spectra of Plasma in High-Power ECR Heating Regime

Attosecond delay lines: design, characterization and applications

Convex X-ray spectra of PKS 2155-304 and constraints on the minimum electron energy

Low-Dose Dual KVP Switching Using A Static Coded Aperture

globalemu: a novel and robust approach for emulating the sky-averaged 21-cm signal from the cosmic dawn and epoch of reionization

Investigating the true nature of three hard X-ray sources

Ionised emission and absorption in a large sample of ultraluminous X-ray sources

Long-term X-ray evolution of SDSS J134244.4+053056.1. A more than 18 year-old, long-lived IMBH-TDE candidate

Evolution of the interface microstructure of short-period Cr/Ti multilayers with increase in number of bi-layers

Detection of Energy Cutoffs in Flare-accelerated Electrons

Amino functionalized zirconia as novel adsorbent for removal of Cr(VI) from aqueous solutions: kinetics, equilibrium, and thermodynamics studies

Project MOMO: Multiwavelength Observations and Modeling of OJ 287

Optical counterparts of ULXs in two dwarf galaxies: NGC 4861 and NGC 4449

Spectroscopic comparison method for determining the electron temperature of high-temperature plasmas of heavy element

An iterative reconstruction method based on monochromatic images for dual energy CT.

Multiwavelength analysis of the X-ray spur and southeast of the Large Magellanic Cloud

X-ray spectroscopy of the starburst feedback in 30 Doradus

The eROSITA Final Equatorial-Depth Survey (eFEDS). A multiwavelength view of WISE mid-infrared galaxies/active galactic nuclei

A Direct Probe of the Hydrogen Bond Network in Aqueous Glycerol Aerosols.

Determining the short laser pulse contrast based on X-Ray emission spectroscopy

The influence of aluminum on the formation of the hardening phase in magnesium alloys

X-ray spectroscopic survey of highly accreting AGN

Soft X-ray spectra in regimes with low plasma density and temperature at the L-2M stellarator

Polarization of hard X-ray dielectronic satellite lines from Na-like W ions

Shot noise limited soft x-ray absorption spectroscopy in solution at a SASE-FEL using a transmission grating beam splitter

X-ray emission of Seyfert 2 galaxy MCG-01-24-12

DarpanX: A python package for modeling X-ray reflectivity of multilayer mirrors

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X Ray Spectra X선 스펙트럼

X Ray Spectra X선 스펙트럼
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