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Vertically Aligned CsPbBr3 Nanowire Arrays with Template-Induced Crystal Phase Transition and Stability

The Surface Chemistry and Structure of Colloidal Lead Halide Perovskite Nanocrystals.

Organic phosphors with bright triplet excitons for efficient X-ray-excited luminescence

Eco-friendly x-ray scintillators based on organic metal halide hybrids

Combining visible shadowgraph imaging with x-ray imaging for dynamic shock experiments

Perovskite nanocrystal doped all-inorganic glass for X-ray scintillators

Concentration quenching of photoluminescence in optically transparent Lu2O3:Eu thin films deposited to be used as scintillators

Visible emission spectra of thermographic phosphors under x-ray excitation

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X Ray Scintillators X선 신틸레이터

X Ray Scintillators X선 신틸레이터
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